Energy Efficiency: Chu Can Do It, You Can Do It.

Steven Chu, our favorite U.S. Secretary of Energy, recently wrote a piece for the Huffington Post, Weatherization: Saving Money by Saving Energy, describing the multitudinous benefits of home energy efficiency, as well as the steps he and the Obama administration have taken to make home energy efficiency easier and more affordable upfront. 
Chu is aware of the barriers that many homeowners are faced with: in his words, "inconvenience, inertia, and inadequate information."  The incentives championed by himself and the administration are aimed at overcoming those barriers.

Nonetheless, Secretary Chu, it seems, doesn't need to be spurred by tax incentives to increase the efficiency of his home.  He describes how he and his wife regularly weatherize each house they move into. Insulating the attic, sealing air ducts, insulating hot water pipes, and installing programmable thermostats all appear to be no-brainers for the Nobel laureate. 

Go ahead and find the Chu in you. It's easier than you think, and we're here to help you get started.  Check out our store for more information about easy, high ROI energy efficiency solutions for your home.   


Great to see folks like this in the administration talking up and showing the benefits of home energy efficiency.

definitely agree that we all need to take a look in our own homes and make our homes more energy efficient. My central air conditioning ducts leak cold air in the winter time. I found a new product that covers the grils in seconds and no longer leaves a cold draft falling on my neck while I am sitting at my computer. The AC Draftshields were easy to put up and they can be used again year after year.

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