ReCircle: The Rebound Effect, Smart Homes, Energy Monitoring, Spray Foam Insulation and more!

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Why the “Rebound Effect” is Overblown.

The Rebound Effect, also known as the Jevons Paradox, has been touted as a reason that we shouldn’t invest in energy efficiency. Here, once again, that theory is debunked. (From Cleantechnica)

Smart Homes Becoming a Reality?

The “smart house” at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show has caused quite a buzz for the high-tech gizmos it’s showing off (including automatically unlocking locks, remote controlled HVAC systems and shades, and appliances programmed to save energy, among other things). Is this, as Carl Seville would say, “eco-bling,” or is it a good place for us to be headed? (From Daily5Remodel)

Easy Home Energy Monitoring Strategies.

Map-a-Watt looks at a variety of techniques for monitoring your home energy consumption - even without a home energy monitor. (From Map-a-Watt)

Adapting to Milder Winters.

The milder winters that seem to be accompanying the changing global climate are taking their toll on some time-honored traditions. Particularly in Canada. (From The Energy Collective)

Spray Foam Insulation: Open Cell vs. Closed Cell.

You may have heard about spray foam insulation, and how it’s one of the most effective insulation products out there. But do you know the downsides, or what the difference is between open cell and closed cell spray foam? Remodeling Magazine has the skinny. (From Remodeling)

ACEEE: Why the U.S. Needs to Focus on Energy Efficiency First.

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy’s new report lays out three possible scenarios for a low-carbon, low-energy future. An energy efficient future is the most realistic and most affordable. (From Proud Green Home)

Another Energy Related Blog We Love:

Maribo Climate and Energy Blog.

Maribo, which means “the waves that crash over the reef,” is written by Simon Donner, a professor in the Geography Department at the University of British Columbia. In it, he talks climate, energy, and how they will impact our daily lives in the future.


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