Around the Web: Energy Circle's Hand-Picked Links, Chosen Especially for Energy Efficiency Pros.

From Energy Circle:

Understanding Lead Gen for the Home Performance Industry.

A lot of Home Performance pros have been asking us about lead gen services that allow you to purchase leads. Here’s what you need to know. 

Big Changes to Google’s Local Search.

Google’s Local Search functionality -- most likely the primary channel that your customers are using to find your business (or that potential customers are using to find your competitors) -- is undergoing some big changes. Here’s what’s up.

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Curated Links from the Web:

Weatherization Program Ranked as 2nd Highest Recovery Act Job Creator.

The Weatherization Assistance Program created or retained more than 13,000 jobs in the final quarter of 2011, making it the second largest job creating component of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. (From Marketwatch)

Why Cape Cod Style Homes are Cold.

Cape Cod style homes are ubiquitous in many parts of the county, and particularly cold ones. But although efficient from a square-footage point of view, they’re pretty ill suited to cold climates for a variety of reasons. GBA explains why. (From Green Building Advisor)

Preservation Smackdown: Old vs. New.

The debate about whether it’s better to build new buildings or to renovate old ones, from an energy and environmental perspective, seems as though it should be settled by now. Nonetheless, it rages on, though the winner keeps remaining the same. (From Old House Web)

What’s the Deal with the Rebound Effect?

We here in the energy efficiency community are perpetually debating the merits of the theory known as the Jevons Paradox, or Rebound Effect, and whether it holds up. Grist takes the controversial theory to school. (From Grist)

Energy Policy in the U.S.: Much Light, Little Heat.

Energy policy in these parts focuses a great deal of attention on saving electricity, but pays little attention to the larger energy culprit: HVAC, building envelopes, and heating. (From The Energy Collective)

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Home Performance Social Media Highlight of the Week:

SLS Construction on Twitter.

SLS Construction is big player in the home performance and green building community online. It’s run by Sean Lintow Sr., one of Alabama’s best green builders and a solid guy with a lot of good insights. Check them out.

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