ReCircle: Helping the Hartford Family, Thermostat Wars, the Pretty Good House, and more!

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From Energy Circle:

The New York Times, Heating OIl, and How to Help the Hartfords.

A story in The New York Times about the plight of an elderly couple in rural Maine struggling to afford heating oil has sparked an outpouring of generosity from across the country. But the real solution is to reduce their home's dependence on heating oil. 

Honeywell Sues Nest for Patent Infringement.

The thermostat giant is suing Nest, creators of the hot new Nest Learning Thermostat, over patent infringement. Is this a case of bullying, or is Honeywell just protecting their intellectual property?

Curated Links from the Web:

Why a “Pretty Good House” is Sometimes Good Enough.

Some green building experts got together and agreed on a few things that would make for a good, energy efficient, environmentally friendly home. Not a perfect home, but a pretty good one. (From Green Building Advisor)

Green Home Building on the Rise.

Green building accounted for 17% of the residential market in 2011, and is expected to grow five-fold by 2016 -- a welcome sign that the residential building world may be shifting from Hummers to Priuses. (From Climate Progress)

Nest Says it Will Vigorously Defend Itself Against Patent Infringement Charges.

Honeywell, the thermostat giant, is suing Nest for patent infringement. Nest is holding its ground. (From GigaOm)

Charging Your Gadgets with a Camping Stove.

Okay, so this may or may not relate to your daily life, but a new camping stove uses its excess energy to charge gadgets - so you can keep your iPhone running even when you’re miles into the wilderness. Pretty cool. (From CNET)

Book Review -- Green Building: Principles and Practices in Residential Construction.

The new book from Abe Kruger and Carl Seville is, according to Lloyd Alter, the best green building textbook out there. (From Treehugger)

Another Energy Related Blog We Love:

Architecture Beyond the Box.

Architecture Beyond the Box fashions itself as a series of "weekly musings on green architecture and design." Featuring guest-writers from an array of professions, it covers everything from energy efficient lighting to affordable housing and more.

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