ReCircle: Charge an iPhone with Your Breath, Smart Lighting Controls, Jevons Paradox in Action, and more!

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A New Device Lets You Charge Your iPhone with Your Breath.

In what’s being touted as an advance in wind-powered-gadgetry, a new device allows you to charge your iPhone by breathing into a mask. The mask contains small wind turbines which generate electricity, charging your device. (From Treehugger)

Is it Better to Hire an Independent Energy Auditor, or a Full-Service Home Performance Contractor / Auditor? 

One of the perennial questions surrounding home energy audits is whether homeowners should hire an energy auditor that also completes the recommended work, or an independent auditor. Here, three reputable pros weigh in. (From Green Energy Maine)

Schools Leading the Pack in Energy Efficiency.

Among the organizations ramping up steps to improve energy efficiency in their buildings, schools are leaving businesses in the dust, according to a new report from the EPA. (From Greenbang)

Smart Light Controls Save Energy Without Switching Bulbs.

California start-up Enlighted is taking a new approach to lighting efficiency by focusing on smarter controls (the fixture senses ambient light in a room and adjusts output accordingly) rather than smarter bulbs. (From CNET)

Jevons Paradox in Action: An LED Covered Snowsuit.

The Jevons Paradox asserts that as we increase the efficiency with which we consume a resource, the more of that resource we consume. Thus, as lighting becomes more efficient, we get things like LED-covered snowsuits. Gotta admit this video is pretty awesome though. (From Treehugger)

Transparent Glass Solar Panels? Yup. And a Kitten.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and New Energy Technologies, Inc. are working on a solar panel made of clear glass, which could theoretically lead to windows that double as solar panels. Maybe not there yet, but a welcome sign from an exciting subsection of the home energy space. (From Cleantechnica)

How to Prevent Ice Dams.

Icicles may look pretty, but they can do some pretty serious damage to your home. Here’s a good, concise description of what causes ice dams and how you can prevent them. (From Green Needham)

Another Energy Related Blog We Love:

Our House Upon Moose Hill.

Our House Upon Moose Hill chronicles the process of building an energy efficient home in northwestern Ontario. Not shooting for any particular certification, but rather a home that works for the climate and the occupants, it has a pretty cool combination of energy efficient and green building features, all chronicled in great detail on the blog. 


Very skeptical of the iPhone-charging-mask "concept." Have you ever tried to charge a hand-crank weather radio to run for 5-10 minutes? Did your arm get tired? How hard can you really breathe? 'nuff said. :)

Will Mallett's picture

@Eric - Definitely feel you on that one. I think it's a cool idea, but more of a sign of things to come (hopefully) than anything that could be feasible right now in the real world. Also probably wouldn't be a ton of fun sleeping with that mask on your face!

Thanks for the comment; cheers. 

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