Around the Web: Energy Circle's Hand-Picked Links, Chosen Especially for Energy Efficiency Pros.

What Women Want!

Well, women homebuyers, anyway. One Maine builder may have cracked the code at what home features are important to the primary big-decision-maker in most American families. (From Builder Online)

Folk Labels and Home Energy.

Aside from official labels instructing users as to how to save energy -- Energy Star, etc. -- some folks are coming across some interesting “folk labels” written on sticky notes and other miscellaneous items instructing users to maximize energy efficiency. Have you seen any of these? (From Home Energy Pros)

Taking the Pulse of the Home Energy Community at RESNET 2012.

The annual RESNET conference is one of the country’s biggest gatherings of home energy professionals, and as such it’s a good place to get a handle of the state of the industry. Allison Bailes gives his thoughts on this year’s conference. (From Energy Vanguard)

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Energy Storage: Where It Is, Where It’s Heading.

Energy storage will likely be an integral component of a more resource-efficient energy future -- storing solar energy gained during the daytime for use at night, for example. The technology is making progress, but still has a ways to go. (From Electric Energy Online)

Best Practices for Selling Renewables.

Thinking about expanding into the renewable energy industry? Check out these tips on how to make your renewable energy arm successful. (From The Green Light Distrikt)

Energy Efficient Building Technique: The Mooney Wall.

The Mooney Wall is an interesting high-performance framing technique that uses minimal materials to minimize thermal bridging. Check out the specs here. (From Build It Solar)

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Home Performance Social Media Shout-Out of the Week:

Building Performance Specialists.

Lucas Johnson of Build to Perform (aka Building Performance Specialists) is getting some traction on Twitter with a steady stream of interesting, engaging content. He’s got a good Facebook page too. Check ‘em out!

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