ReCircle: A New eMonitor, Why Insulation Beats Renewables, the Most Energy Efficient TVs, and more!

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From Energy Circle

First Look at the New, Improved Powerhouse Dynamics eMonitor.

The eMonitor from Powerhouse Dynamics is much like the one you know and love -- thorough, accurate, helpful. But the new eMonitor 4 has some hot new features, and a cool new price, that make it even more compelling.

Curated Links from the Web:

“Alternative Energy is Expensive. Insulation is Cheap.”

Jetson Green interviews Sam Hagerman, co-owner of low-energy-building firm Hammer and Hand and president of the Passive House Alliance US, on what makes the Passive House concept compelling and important. (From Jetson Green)

Philips Leading the Pack in Energy Efficient TV’s.

TV’s may be energy hogs in general, but the electronics industry is making strides at improving the energy efficiency of this American household staple. Philips appears to be leading the charge. (From Treehugger)

When a Passivhaus is Not So Passive.

Green Building Advisor’s “Energy Nerd,” Martin Holladay, discusses the importance of occupant behavior in a building’s total energy consumption, and the difficulty of predicting a building’s energy use based on design and construction specs. (From Green Building Advisor)

Air Force to Cut Energy Bills for 626 Million Square Feet.

Think cutting the energy bills in your house is hard? The Air Force has been tasked with reducing the energy consumption of 626 million (yes million) square feet of building space. Take a look at how they’re doing it. (From Greenbang)

Energy Monitoring with TED and eMonitor: Lessons Learned.

One couple chronicles their first experiences with a couple different home energy monitors on their low-energy Upstate home. Here’s what they found. (From Uphill House)

Another Energy Related Blog We Love

The Uphill House.

The Uphill House blog chronicles the trials, tribulations and triumphs of “a couple of city folks” who have embarked on a project to build a low-energy, environmentally responsible home in Upstate New York. Their blog covers everything from the high performance building techniques they’re using to ruminations on the state of the housing industry. Worth a follow.

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