Another Use for Home Energy Monitors.

home energy monitor dataWe recently came across a post in Gizmodo highlighting a use of home energy monitors that we may otherwise have never thought of: busting teenage parties

Yup, it seems that an Australian man noticed some familiar patterns in his home's electricity consumption while monitoring it through an Android app 500 miles away from home. The patterns he saw signified that the lights, air conditioner, and television were all running at the same time. Hmm...

His kids were supposedly spending the night at friends' houses, but his home energy monitor told him otherwise. Busted! 

Anyway, we think that this anecdote provides an important lesson for parents and kids alike. Parents: if you don't want your teenagers to party in your house while you're out of town, grab an energy monitor with WiFi capability. Kids: if you want to have a party while your geek parents are out of town, you may want to keep the TV and the air conditioner off. 

The original post is at Rowetel, where the energy detective dad tells the story himself. Worth a read. 

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