ReCircle: Air Conditioner Efficiency, Water Purification Basics, The Problem With Range Hoods, and more!

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The Power of Community in Spreading Energy Efficiency.

Word of mouth has always been the best way to spread an idea, and with energy efficiency it’s no different. Community programs and informal gatherings are a great way to get your neighbors talking about the process and the benefits of improving energy efficiency in the home. (From Treehugger)

Is Your Range Hood Working? Maybe Not Like You Think.

Green Building Curmudgeon Carl Seville discusses the complications of range hoods, harmful gases in the kitchen, backdrafting appliances, and why we should all take a hard look at how we do our daily tasks. (From Green Building Advisor)

How to Increase Your Air Conditioner’s Energy Efficiency.

It’s that time of year again. Follow these steps to improve the energy efficiency of your home’s central air conditioner and save money all summer long. (From National Geographic Online)

The History of Energy Subsidies, and the Politicization of Clean Energy.

Government involvement with energy markets is not a new thing. GigaOm takes a look at the history of energy subsidies and the politics of clean energy. (From GigaOm)

Water Filtration Basics.

If you’re looking to go off-grid or otherwise increase your home’s resource independence, clean drinking water is a must. Sean Lintow discusses several options for creating a clean water source at your home. (From SLS Construction)

Another Energy Related Blog We Love:

Efficiency Law Review.

Efficiency Law Review is written by Energy Circle’s own Johnny Ritzo. A lawyer turned home performance marketing advisor, Johnny has his finger on the pulse of the energy efficiency industry, and here touches on a wealth of topics pertaining to the legal side of energy efficiency -- including tax credits, energy efficient mortgages, interviews with experts, and more.


Thanks for sharing these really useful links on how to increase efficiency with our air conditioners and how to get clean, filtered water at our homes!

The old air conditioning service are not much effective.I think that how new and expensive is the air conditionig system more effecient is.Toshiba make very efficient systems in the last years.The Mitsubishi heavy is good COP parametres too.The most importent is the single split air conditioners in every single room is the idea for more effecient and less power consumations.That`s only my opinnion.

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