Around the Web: Energy Circle's Hand-Picked Links, Chosen Especially for Energy Efficiency Pros.

Keeping Water Out of Buildings.

There are four basic ways that water enters buildings. Keeping all of them in mind is a good idea when adding insulation to a home. This, and a few thoughts on poetry and baseball from Tristan Roberts. (From Building Green)

One Way to Get More Facebook Likes.

Contests, raffles and other incentives can be a great way to increase engagement on social media platforms, thus increasing your visibility in the local community and opening up the opportunity for more business. But you don’t have to go nuts: this construction company is offering the chance to win some coffee. Low cost, high impact. (From Burgin Construction)

Why We Should Be Retrofitting Foreclosed Homes.

Retrofitting foreclosed homes for energy efficiency has a number of strong economic benefits, including lower utility bills for occupants once the home is resold. Think Progress dives into the details. (From Think Progress)

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Demonstrating Home Energy Saving Techniques in the Public Sphere.

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to be blown away by the home energy audit process once they see how comprehensive and insightful it is. The trouble is communicating the power of audits before you’re in the house. This company used Earth Day, and a portable wall display, to get the process in front of a bunch of eyes at once. (From The Art of Construction)

Crazy New Materials for Acoustic Soundproofing on the Way.

Okay, so this isn’t directly related to the home performance industry, but a little bit. While air sealing and insulating can go a long way towards soundproofing a building, scientists are working on creating metamaterials with a “negative acoustic index of refraction.” Pretty cool. (From Ars Technica)

Buy a Nest, Get an Energy Audit (or, A Nice Marketing Strategy).

A Maine Home Performance company is offering free energy audits to homeowners who purchase a Nest Learning Thermostat -- a good way to get in front of homeowners in order to talk to them about energy retrofit opportunities. (From Horizon Maine)

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Home Performance Social Media Shout Out of the Week:


EnerGMatters is the Twitter handle of Mike Rogers, a bona fide energy geek from Vermont whose day job is VP of Energy Futures at ABM Energy. His is a well-attended Twitter feed with a wealth of smart links to smart articles, and a particular emphasis on bringing energy efficiency to market.

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