ReCircle: Making Energy Efficiency Social, Energy Waste in Your Home, Best of Earth Day, and more!

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From Energy Circle:

Opower App Makes Energy Efficiency Social.

A new application from Opower attempts to capitalize on our competitive inclinations by integrating home energy efficiency with social media. A cool idea, but will it take off?

Curated Links from the Web:

How to Destroy the Planet From the Comfort of Your Own Home.

Our homes protect us from nature, but can we protect nature from our homes? The residential sector is responsible for nearly a quarter of our country’s greenhouse gas emissions. More here on why this is important and what we can do about it. (From Old House Web)

Infographic: Energy Waste in Your Home.

Did you know that thermostats control 10% of the energy consumed in the United States? That, and a bunch of other cool energy facts about home energy consumption in the U.S., in one handy infographic from the coolest thermostat manufacturer on the block. (From Nest)

How to Make Every Day Earth Day.

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy looks at a few simple steps homeowners can take to reduce their environmental footprint year-round. (From ACEEE)

An Earth Day Music Video: “Switch Out the Light.”

This home energy themed music video from XY Limited is incredibly goofy and pretty funny. Check it out. (From Planet Save)

Another Energy Related Blog We Love:

Energy Auditing Blog.

The Energy Auditing Blog is written by Erik North, founder of Free Energy Maine and our neighbor just a couple towns over up here in the Portland, Maine region. In his own words, “This blog grew from those questions that I get asked frequently during energy audits. The goal is to answer those questions in (mostly) non-Martian language.”

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