ReCircle: SAVE Act, Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Edible Curtains, Lighting Incentives and more!

SAVE Act Attempts to Incentivize Energy Efficiency.

Currently, appraisers rarely consider energy efficiency when determining a home’s value. Consequently, home improvements like granite countertops are often seen as a more cost-effective investment when it comes to resale. A new bill aims to change that. (From The Energy Collective)

Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison Unveil a Bill to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies.

The bill proposes to eliminate one of the more contentious energy policies we have -- the counterintuitive practice of subsidizing fossil fuel industries -- and is aptly titled the “End Polluter Welfare Act.” (From The Huffington Post)

Cooling an Office with Edible Curtains.

You read that right. This office space gives a new meaning to “green building,” taking advantage of wall space to create a hanging vegetable garden that doubles as a sunshade. (From Inhabitat)

Incentives for Energy Efficient Lighting.

Energy efficiency improvements across the economy reduce public health and environmental risks, keep money in local economies, and help fight climate change. So it only makes sense that federal and state governments help you pay for the upfront cost of improvements like upgrading your lights. Here’s how you can take advantage of existing incentives. (From Green Building Elements)

How to Get Your Home Off Fossil Fuels.

It’s never been easier. Alex Wilson, one of the country’s leading experts on all things green building, explains why and how we should be aiming for the ultimate goal of getting off fossil fuels, and offers a chronological three-step approach to doing so. (From Green Building Advisor)

Is the Natural Gas Fracking Industry the Largest Employer of Recent PR Grads?

Nope, but it almost makes sense. Here’s a satirical article from America’s funniest news source. (From The Onion)

Another Energy Related Blog We Love:

106 Greenway.

106 Greenway is a Home Performance company serving the greater Kansas City region. Their blog features cool videos and infographics, helpful tips for homeowners and updates on incentives and other opportunities for home energy improvements.

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