Around the Web: Energy Circle's Hand-Picked Links, Chosen Especially for Energy Efficiency Pros.

From Energy Circle:

EGIA / BPI Contractor Exchange Links & Resources.

Links & resources from Peter Troast’s presentation at this week’s EGIA and BPI conferences in Long Island and Buffalo.

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Curated Links from the Web:

Business Lessons from the 404.

This TED talk, which we were tipped off to by Leah Thayer at Daily5Remodel, discusses the significance of the “404 Error” that takes place on websites with bad links or broken pages, how it relates to unreturned calls, and the importance of caring for your customers. (From Daily5Remodel)

The “Pretty Good House,” High Plains Style.

The “Pretty Good House” appears to be the hottest new concept taking hold in the green building and building science world. Here, Steve Eagleburger discusses the concept in the context of the climate of the High Plains. (From EnergyLogic)

Green Building is High Quality Building.

We know this. But, according to a new report from McGraw-Hill, consumers are increasingly associating “green” with “high quality” when it comes to buildings. This is a good thing for the industry. (From Green Building Advisor)

Breaking the Bonds on Sealant Jobs.

Sealants are a crucial component of a high performance building, but all too often the simplest sealant jobs can fail. Peter Yost gives the specs on why, and how you can achieve better results in your projects. (From Building Green)

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Home Performance Social Media Shout Out of the Week:

Seville Consulting.

If you attend any of the big green building and home performance conferences or follow building science folks online, you’re probably already aware of Carl Seville, known widely by his alias “The Green Building Curmudgeon.” But did you know that he has a Facebook fan page that you can go “like” right now?

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