ReCircle: The Truth About Clean Coal, Financing Energy Efficiency, The Cost of Lighting, Coal Subsidies, and more!

canadian oil sands

FYI: There’s No Such Thing as Clean Coal.

Plain and simple, “clean coal” is an oxymoron, despite the marketing campaigns telling you otherwise. (From Climate Reality Project)

Financing Energy Efficiency, Made Easy.

Want to make your home more energy efficient, but not sure how to cover the upfront costs? There are some options. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing, for example, is an increasingly popular financing mechanism that’s taking off here in Maine and elsewhere in the country. (From Revision Energy)

Infographic: The Cost of Lighting.

If you’ve ever wondered how much money and energy you’ll actually save by making the switch to energy efficient compact fluorescent or LED lighting, here are the figures. (From Cleantechnica)

The Low-Down on Solar Hot Water.

Thinking about installing a solar thermal or solar PV array to take care of your home’s hot water needs? Here’s everything you need to know about the difference between the two, the cost-effectiveness of each, and considerations before you make the plunge. (From Evergreen Home Performance)

Why are U.S. Taxpayers Subsidizing Coal Mining?

Ever heard of federal coal leasing? Probably not, but it’s an important thing to keep an eye on in terms of our energy policy. David Roberts explains, and asks why we’re using taxpayer money to loot the country and send dirty energy to Asia. (From Grist)

Flying Over the Canadian Oil Sands.

While this is only peripherally related to home energy (here in Maine, most homes are heated with oil), this photo gallery taken from a small plane above the oil sands is stunning. (From Business Insider)

Another Energy Related Blog We Love:

Climate Reality Project.

The Climate Reality Project is a no-nonsense organization aimed at addressing the climate crisis. It’s mainstream, it’s well-funded, it’s chaired by Al Gore, and it’s a good source for info relating to energy and climate.

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