Does Your Home Performance Website Have Evergreen Content?

So, hopefully by now you've got some pretty good content on your website. You have your services covered, making sure that you have all the right keywords somewhere on your site, and you're taking care to keep your content fresh. Maybe you've even started blogging. If so, you're doing great, and putting yourself in a great position to take advantage of the opportunities that marketing your home performance business on the web provides.

And while we wouldn't encourage you to veer too far from your current course, we would interject with one type of content that you might not have on your site (yet), but that could be a real winner in the long term: "evergreen" content.

What is Evergreen Content?

"Evergreen content" is any content on your website that provides value for readers regardless of time. It's essentially the opposite of a "news update," or any other content that's only relevant for a certain period of time.

The value of evergreen content is that it continues to be useful months, or even years, after you wrote it, unlike time-sensitive content that may only be useful or relevant for a short amount of time. An example of evergreen content here on is our Guide to Energy Audit Certification, which we wrote quite some time ago with the intention of providing a comprehensive summary of the energy auditor certifications in the country. Years later, it still does quite well in search results, and it's still accumulating comments and links. Another example is our guide to state programs and incentives for energy efficiency.

Examples of Evergreen Content in the Home Performance field:

When coming up with a plan for putting together some evergreen content on your site, think about those topics that don't change over time. The basics. A few examples:

  • What is an energy audit?
  • What is infrared thermal imaging?
  • Home energy efficiency basics
  • The importance of air sealing
  • Questions to ask your energy auditor
  • Indoor air quality facts
  • Insulation facts
  • FAQs about home energy efficiency & building science
  • Local/regional/state energy efficiency program guides

It's also worth keeping in mind that you may want to focus this content on your geographic region, as it is your geographic region that will generate leads for your business. So consider adding some geographic language to your content -- "Indoor air quality in Chicago," "Home energy efficiency in North Dakota," "Nevada state energy efficiency program guide," etc.

Examples of time-sensitive content:

The following topics could be great articles, blog posts, news updates, etc. on your website, but they wouldn't be considered "evergreen," since their relevance will presumably decline over time:

  • "Company given award."
  • "Limited time offer!"
  • Event listings
  • Pricing information
  • Seasonal updates (e.g. "Get Ready for Winter")

And don't get us wrong: all new content is good, and any of these "time sensitive" pieces would be great for keeping your content fresh, attracting links, and educating your readers. Just keep in mind that two years down the road, you'll want to have supplemented these articles/posts/pages with some evergreen content that will be just as relevant in two years as it is today.

All comments, questions, concerns are welcome in the comments! And for more info about web marketing for your home performance business, be sure to download our free white paper, "Putting Your Website to Work."

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