How, and Why, to Drive More Customer Engagement for Your Home Performance Business.

Good customer engagement is critical for home performance companies. Why? Because the home performance process is slightly more invasive than most other service industries -- it's not often that you have somebody digging through your wife's closet with an infrared camera looking for air leaks. Trust is critical, and a good relationship is crucial for trust. Customer engagement helps build this relationship (as do other things, like a good "about us" page on your website).

Why else? Because home performance is an information-intensive industry. The more homeowners know about how buildings work, and how home performance can help solve common problems (ice dams, drafts, energy bills, poor indoor air quality, etc.), the more likely they are to hire your company and get their house fixed. Good customer engagement increases this flow of information and helps get people thinking about home performance.

But that's not all. Good customer engagement has a whole slew of benefits:

Benefits of good customer engagement: 

  • Improved conversion
  • Better chance for positive reviews
  • Better chance of word-of-mouth proselytizing
  • Better chance of social media buzz
  • Better chance of links to your site
  • Increased chance of return business down the road

And those are just a few of the bullet points. Customer engagement, of course, goes hand in hand with customer service, which is an essential component of a strong business. "Engagement" just means extending your relationship with your customers (and potential customers) beyond the point of service, beyond the walls of the house that you're working on. (And it's also about being fun and having fun.)

Ideas for customer engagement:

So what do we mean by "customer engagement," and how can you do a better job of it? Well, for example, the Energy Circle PRO marketing system for home performance pros has a built-in "Customer Pages" feature that lets you engage with your customers in a password-protected, exclusive online avenue between you and your customer. You can upload videos, documents, engage in comment threads and share data easily and seamlessly.

But you certainly don't have to be on the Energy Circle PRO system to have good customer engagement. A few ideas:

The possibilities, really, are pretty much endless.

Any other ideas for creative engagement with your customers and potential customers? We'd love to hear about them in the comments. 

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