SEO Advice from the Horse's Mouth: Content, Content, Content!

bingIf you've been reading our blog for a while, or if you've read our free White Paper about web marketing basics for home performance companies, you've heard us say that good content is the mother's milk of a strong web presence. Whether you're hoping to increase click-through rates, conversion, or optimize your pages for SEO, content is king.

Bing recently released Webmaster Guidelines that outline best practices for getting your website's pages found and indexed on Bing. While Bing isn't quite as big as Google, it's still a big search engine, and most of the same principles apply across these two as well as other search engines such as Yahoo!. 

What do we learn from Bing's Webmaster Guidelines?

The first three metrics that Bing discusses are content, links, and social media. The interesting thing about this is that you can't really have the second two without the first. However much people like your business, you're much more likely to get links to good content on your website than to, say, your "contact us" page. People link to good content. The same goes for social media: you're much more likely to have a strong social media presence with good content than without. This is because you can create much more compelling social media content (tweets, facebook posts, etc.) if you have a baseline of good content on your website to link back to; and good content on social media is much more likely to drive engagement and discussion.

In short, it all comes back to content.

So, how is your blog doing?

While there are many ways to create interesting content on your primary website, and many different places to do so (photo galleries, case studies, etc.), a blog is one of the easiest ways to create compelling content on your site.

If you're not sure how to get started blogging, or need ideas for what to blog about, check out these articles:

Follow the advice in those posts, and that should give you a good start.

Still stuck? Give us a call.

At Energy Circle PRO, we cater exclusively to home energy professionals including energy auditors, home performance contractors, HVAC professionals, insulation contractors and solar installers. The Energy Circle PRO platform makes it incredibly easy to create content on your website (we have a whole library of "content ideas" that allow you to simply enter a few words of your own to describe a video or an infographic or a number of other pieces of content, and wala, you have a new blog post). We also have a team on hand to help you out if you get stuck, and a number of resources including weekly webinars and free White Papers that can help provide guidance through the world of web marketing for home energy companies. 

Happy Turkey Day, everybody!

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