Give Santa a Soft Landing with a Chimney Balloon!

At Energy Circle, we're big fans of Santa, and it breaks our heart every year to think about all the hard landings he must have to endure when he jumps down chimneys around the world. Slamming onto a closed flu? Ouch. Crash landing on a pile of logs? Poor guy!

We're also a big fan of chimney balloons. They help people save money on energy bills, they keep families cozy, and they have a whole slew of other benefits, like keeping critters out of your house.

So, naturally, we got to thinking: wouldn't Santa be pumped if upon hopping down a chimney he had a nice, soft landing on a chimney balloon instead of the hard floor of the fireplace? Surely, the big guy's weight would be enough to push the chimney balloon back out of the chimney (so Santa could still deliver his presents and eat your cookies); and there he would land, comfortably sitting on a cushion, right in your home's hearth.

What is a Chimney Balloon, Anyway? 

In all seriousness, a chimney balloon is a pretty simple device that can reduce drafts in your home, save money on energy bills, and keep your house more comfortable. You see, a chimney represents a big hole in your home's thermal envelope;  it's essentially a one-way-street from your home's living area to the great outdoors, since hot air rises, and in the winter, the air in your home is typically warmer than the air outside. Even when you close the flue, the small piece of metal that blocks the chimney (often warped around the edges from years of use) doesn't usually prevent much air from going up the chimney. The result is a continuous draft, and an easy escape route for the warm, conditioned air in your home.

A chimney balloon provides a seal to stop this air movement. You simply place the chimney balloon into the chimney (make sure you get the right size), and blow it up. There's even a little tag to remind you that it's there (so you don't start a fire when the balloon is in place), which hangs down into the fire place. A chimney balloon is easy to remove and re-install for when you do want to enjoy the ambience of a nice cozy fire.

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