Energy Efficiency Tax Credits Extended as Part of Fiscal Cliff Deal.

As part of the "fiscal cliff deal" that just passed, Congress voted to extend the tax credit for energy efficient home improvements such as insulation and air sealing.

What Tax Credit?

The residential energy efficiency tax credit covers 10% of the cost of energy efficient home improvements, up to a cap of $500. (Note: this is a "lifetime" credit, so if you've taken advantage of it any time between 2005 and 2011, you can't take advantage of it again. Thanks for the clarification, Sean!)

While not ideal (we'd like to see something more comprehensive, and simpler, like the Home Star Act that stalled in Congress a couple of years back), the tax credit nonetheless presents a solid, tangible incentive for homeowners and builders to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings.

Make Sure Your Customers (and Potential Customers) Know About It!

The residential energy efficiency tax credit is a great incentive for homeowners to make the leap to a more energy efficient home, but it won't motivate them to do so if they don't know about it. Be sure that you have content on your home energy company's website about what the tax credit is good for, how you can help customers take advantage of it, and that it's good for another year. Blast that content out via your social media channels to make sure that people in your area know the tax credit is still good.


As an FYI / One other major catch - this is a $500 "lifetime" credit - so if they have taken it anytime from 2005 - 2011 they can't use it again

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Edited to include that caveat. Thanks, Sean!

Can anyone show me a link to the specifics of this credit. I wasn't aware that any tax credits were left last year except the solar incentives.

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By the way, apologies for the ambiguous language in the original post (I've edited to make it more clear). Thanks again for the comment!

when will the credit go through so we can get our tax return back

When will the energy efficiency tax credit go through so I can get my tax return money back?

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