Introducing Energy Circle's Guide to CRM for Home Performance.

One of the most frequent questions I get talking to auditors and home performance contractors is "What should I use for CRM?" (CRM = Customer Relationship Management.) We've worked hard to make sure the Energy Circle PRO toolset plays nicely with the most popular programs, and we've talked to a large number of companies in our sector who have been using CRM to help manage their business efficiently. 

But not all CRMs are created equal. Some are expensive, some are clunky or difficult to use, and some don't have the functionality that businesses in the home performance and energy auditing industry need.

So, we just published a Guide to CRM for Home Performance that is intended to help home performance professionals, energy auditors and others in the home energy efficiency space decide which, if any, CRM is the right option for their business. 

We began by taking a look at some of the more popuar CRMs out there -- Salesforce, Solve360, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and others -- mapping out their offerings, their features, and their drawbacks for those in our industry. We'll continue to update the guide to incorporate more CRM products, and to highlight testimonials of home energy pros who have used the various CRMs.

Feedback is more than welcome; we'd love to hear about any experiences you or your colleagues have had with CRM products, what you liked about them, and where they fell flat.

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