Spring is the Perfect Time to Talk About Mold & Wet Basements.


Home Performance is an inherently seasonal industry. People naturally think about how to be warmer and more comfortable, and save money on energy bills, when they’re cold and paying too much to stay warm. When they’re hot, they search for ways to keep cool

But what about the in-between periods, fall and spring, when the weather typically isn’t too hot or too cold across most of the country? Well, there are other benefits of home performance besides comfort and lower energy bills, just as there are other problems that homeowners are dealing with in these in-between seasons.

Spring = Mold.

In many parts of the country, spring means wet basements, and, consequently, mold. More humid parts of the country experience mold problems year-round, of course; and in some areas, the spring mold problem is worse than in others. (Here in Maine, we joke that we don’t even have “spring,” and refer to it as “mud season” instead. The same conditions that lead to mud can, of course, lead to mold in many people’s homes.)

Regardless, if your home performance business is located in an area that has mold problems, you want to be the one whose phone starts ringing when people start thinking about mold.

How to Market Mold Remediation Services:

A few ideas for getting the word out that you are the best person in your area to call when a homeowner has a mold problem:

Any other ideas about how to make sure people deal with mold problems correctly (through the whole house approach), rather than calling the fly-by-night guy who addresses the symptom and not the source of the problem? We’d sure love to hear about it. Feel free to chime in in the comments section.

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