Google+ Tweaks and Updates for a Prettier Profile Page

Pinterestingly enough, Google has heard the social masses and responded with some solid tweaking of Google+, changing the way your business’s profile page is displayed. These are all pretty straightforward and really just make your page more visually appealing. We call it the Pinterestization of Social Media, but that’s a big theory blog post for another day.

For now, let's stick to the Google+ updates - -

1-    Cover Photos will now be GINORMOUS. 2,120 pixels by 1,192 -- that displays at 16x9 -- to be precise. Google’s reasoning for this change? "This way more images can be used as cover photos, and there's more room for your selection to shine." 


2- Your About Tab will now display in a categorical, card-like format, blocking together related information--kind of like flash cards. Nifty! The “Story” card or tab should prove most useful for businesses to share a little more info and personality with the world.

3-    A new “Local” tab will be gathering reviews on Google+ user’s individual pages, so getting Google Reviews from your happy customers is as important as ever.

Our advice? Play around with the new layout and use this as an excuse to update  and snazzify your Google+ page a bit. Once you have it where you want it, share your page via Facebook, Twitter, and email asking your pals and potential customers to take a look at your snappy Google+ layout…and ask them to give your company a +1 and/or review while they’re there.

As always, if you need a leg up with social media, shoot us a tweet, message, email, gChat, phone call, telegram or even start a hangout. We’re around!


Google is really doing very well to compete Facebook buy as I know it's not easy to compete.

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