How to Engage with Energy Circle at the ACI National Conference

The Energy Circle team is excited for another great ACI National Home Performance Conference this week in Denver. Here's how to engage with us at the event.

At Our Booth

Stop by our booth - #319 - anytime to:

  • Get a no cost, no obligation review of your website
  • Learn about the roadmap of features and improvements we're making to the system
  • See how some of the most successful home perormance companies in the country are utilizing EC PRO
  • Hang out with Energy Circle PRO customers who can give you unbiased scoop on our platform and what it's like to work with us
  • Meet the newest EC staffer, Bethany Profaizer. She's great!
  • Discuss any of my favorite home performance topics: marketing, social media, storytelling, lean programs like CHERP, DER's, the Mallett DER project
  • Drink too much coffee
  • You name it--we'd love to see you. 

My Presentations

My presentation schedule, and what you can expect from these sessions: 

Wednesday, May 1: 3:30 - 5:00PM

Client Management Software Solutions for Performance Contractors

Skye Dunning, Dick Kornbluth, Corbett Lunsford, Peter Troast

The four of us will be talking CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and bringing some practical, grounded discussion to the oft asked about topic of how and when to use systems to manage leads, customers and ongoing client relationships. A great panel of folks.

Wednesday, May 1: 7:00 - 8:30PM

Advanced Techniques in Social Media for Home Performance Companies

Peter Troast

An evening session to talk social media in home performance has become one of my favorite ACI traditions. Curious about the latest stuff, like Facebook custom audiences, Google+, Pinterest, social media SEO and more? I'm prepared to discuss just about anything, so stop by, bring beer, and don't worry if you can't stay for all of it. Drive bys are welcome. And don't think this is just for contractors--what we'll discuss will be relevant to programs, trainers, consultants--just about anybody working in home performance. 

Thursday, May 2: 8:30 - 10:00AM

Low-Cost Integrated Marketing: Incorporating Social Media, the Internet, & Local Media

Peter Troast

This workshop will cover the gamut of successful approaches to low cost lead generation. Practical, data driven practices that work for home performance businesses in the real world. If you're scratching your head about how the make the internet work harder for your business, this session's for you. 

Thursday, May 2: 7:00 - 8:30PM

My House: The Story of an Energy Improvement Project

Steve Byers, Bill Turner, Jim Riggins, Peter Troast, Chris Dorsi, Linda Wigington, Dick Rome, Gavin Healy, Dan Perunko

This event, in the Pecha Kucha format--20 slides, 20 seconds each--should be a hoot. I'll be doing mine on the Mallett Deep Energy Retrofit project, where we overcame historic preservationist opposition and accomplished .68 ACH50 level of tightness in an 1886 rubble basement, balloon framed house. Pecha Kucha presentations are....hard. I'm glad to be sharing the angst with such a great group of friends.

After Hours

The networking and camerarderie always goes into the wee hours at ACI. Best way to follow is via the twitter hashtag #ACIafterDark

Look forward to seeing y'all!

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