SEO Quick-Tip: Make a Video.

Making a short video for your business and posting it on Youtube is great for SEO, and offers a number of other benefits as well. Before you blow off the idea as too far-fetched for your time and your budget, remember:

It doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't have to be long, and it doesn't have to be expensive.

How to Make a Video

Here's an easy way to do it: Grab your iPhone, hand it to a member of your crew (or your wife, or your son, or your neighbor), and give a quick 1-minute elevator pitch explaining what your business does, what makes you different, and the benefits of the work you do. You already know the drill: lower energy bills, non-invasive work, a more comfortable and healthier home, incentives if there are incentives in your area, etc.

There are other ways to make video, of course. If you have a Mac, iMovie is pretty easy to figure out; if not, there's other low-cost video editing software out there. If you're camera shy, you can put together a slideshow of still images of homes, blower doors, etc. and narrate the soundtrack over the top.

Getting Your Video Found

After your video is made, create a Youtube account with your business name if you don't have one yet, and upload the video using a title that contains your most important keywords ("Home Energy Audits in Chicago," or what have you). Consider using other video hosting services in addition to Youtube, too: Wistia is a good one (Energy Circle PRO offers video hosting with Wistia at a very reasonable cost, by the way). Make sure your profiles on any of these services link back to your website.

Once your video is up, embed it on your website, and link back to the video on Youtube using good anchor text. Chances are that most of your competitors don't have a video with those target keywords, and there's a good chance that your video can show up on page 1 with just a few links. 

Videos stand out in search results. Even if people don't click the link, having a video in addition to your pinned results and your website up there gives you credibility compared to your competition, gives a face to your business, and helps people remember your business name. It's easy, and it's good. There you have it.

Going the Extra Mile: Transcription

To fully capitalize on the SEO goodness of your new video, it's not a bad idea to use a video transcription service to transcribe the content of the video into text form. Have a page on your website with the full text of the video, along with the embedded video, and search engines will be able to pick up on all that good language you're using in your video about saving energy, offering insulation and energy audit services, etc.

A Few Home Performance Contractors Doing a Good Job with Video:

More Quick-TIps

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Feel free to get a hold of us or leave a comment with any questions, comments or concerns.


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