Social Media Quick-Tip: Posting Pictures for More Engagement

We've been offering SEO Quick-Tips lately for home performance professionals interested in improving website SEO a little at a time through simple, DIY upgrades.

But we're also huge fans of using social media to drive business, so we're carrying on with the quick-tip theme with a series of social media tips aimed at maximizing the efficiency and the effectiveness of your social media efforts.

Without further ado, quick-tip #1:

Post Photos to Maximize Engagement on Facebook

Everybody knows that you can post pictures on Facebook, and that people like pictures. But there's actually a strategic reason to favor sharing photos over other types of media: statistically, photos drive more engagement, which increases your chances of showing up in peoples' newsfeeds and growing your brand awareness. A few stats from a recent study:

  • Photos received 53% more Likes than the average post
  • Photo posts attracted 104% more comments than the average post
  • Photo posts received 84% more link clicks than text and link posts

There's also abundant anecdotal evidence that supports the concept.

What to Do

One way to make the most of your posts with this info in mind: when you're posting a link back to your blog, start by clicking "share photo" instead of "create post" and upload a photo that relates to your blog post (or whatever content you're linking to). Simply paste the link in text form alongside any other text you'd use to describe the link. It still shows up as a live link, but you get a big, gorgeous photo instead of a little thumbnail, and you improve your chances of your post getting liked and discussed.

This infographic from Wishpond sums it up:

The Impact of Photos on Facebook Engagement
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