How to Use Vine to Promote Your Home Performance Business

vine for home performanceWe're big believers in using social media to spread awareness about the home performance process, and your business in particular.

Recently we wrote a post about how you can use Instagram to promote your business. Well, there's another relatively new entrant into the social media world called Vine that lets you create 6-second looping videos. It's very simple to use (you just press your screen to capture video, and you can pack as many clips as you want into the final 6-second result), and it's gained in popularity enough at this point (40 million plus users) that we can reasonably predict that it will be around for a while (in internet terms at least). 

So is Vine useful for home performance businesses? Like any other social media platform, it depends on how you use it, but it most definitely could be. Here are a few ways you can use Vine to promote your business online:

How To Videos

One of the most popular hashtags on Vine is #howto. Create a couple how-to videos and you can be sure that they'll get in front of at least a few people, and likely provide some great value to your followers.

But how-to-what, you ask? Some ideas:

  • How to program your thermostat to save energy
  • How to install weatherstripping to reduce drafts
  • How to monitor energy use (using a device like the Kill-a-Watt or Blueline monitor)

You get the idea.

Explaining the Home Performance Process

Sadly, most homeowners across the country are still unaware that there is an industry called "home performance," and what companies in our field exactly do. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a six second-video is even better than that, so consider using Vine to explain the process.

Of course, telling the whole story of home performance might take longer than six seconds, so here are some other ideas to portray the idea while putting good, useful information out into the world that also could stand on its own:

  • Air sealing an attic
  • Why most attic insulation is bogus
  • Energy leaks in a typical crawlspace
  • Infrared imaging
  • The blower door test
  • Duct blaster test / what to know about leaky ducts
  • How moldy basements affect indoor air quality

Getting to Know Your Company

Of course, you can also use Vine to have fun. Show of the goofy aspects of your company, show of your office dog, etc. While this may seem a little like idle entertainment, showing off the cool, humorous, or tech-savvy aspects of your company is a great way to put potential customers at ease and drive customer loyalty. (A lot like a great about us page.)

Connect with Twitter 

One of the cool things about Vine is that you can connect it directly to your Twitter account, and automatically post to Twitter each time you create a Vine. This solves the problem of "not knowing what to Tweet about" and also gives you the opportunity to share your Vines with a much larger audience, assuming you've already had some time to build your Twitter following.

Anybody out there in the home performance world using Vine already? Let us know how it's going in the comments!

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