Top 10 Energy Circle Blog Posts of 2013

Towards the end of each year, we tend to get a little reflective. It is, after all, a good time to look back at the year that's gone by and to look forward to the year ahead to get a sense of where we've come as an industry and where we're likely to move in the coming months. 

So, over the next couple of weeks we'll be publishing a series of posts doing just that: looking back at the year, remembering some golden moments and some great work that's been accomplished in the last 12 months, and making some educated predictions about where we think the home performance world and the marketing world will be moving in the coming year. In fact, in our humble opinion, paying attention to where the local business marketing world is likely to move in the next year will play an important role in how well the home performance industry continues to move towards the mainstream.

First up, a retrospective of the best blog posts here on the Energy Circle PRO blog over the past year. These aren't necessarily the posts with the most traffic, or the most engagement, or even ranked in any particular order. Instead, they're the posts that we feel are most indicative of the "state of the state" when it comes to bringing home performance closer to the tipping point.

Hope you enjoy:

New Years Marketing Resolutions for Home Energy Pros

Published just after the New Year this past year, much of the info in this post holds true. Stick to the basics and you'll be setting your business up for success in the coming year as well.

Are You Taking Advantage of the Multifamily Retrofit Opportunity?

One of the more significant thematic posts of the year, we look at the huge business opportunity that multifamily buildings afford, and discuss how to better address that segment of our country's building stock.

Inbound Marketing 101 for Home Performance

While not particularly time-sensitive, in 2013 the small business marketing world has moved further and further in the direction of inbound marketing, and using a robust online presence to drive leads. This "101" post gives you an overview.

Unlocking the Potential of Energy Efficiency in 2013

As 2014 approaches, we're still collectively hoping to further unlock the potential of energy efficiency. Hopefully we can make some more strides this year!

5th Annual Uncensored Twitterview with Joe Lstiburek

One of the more entertaining posts of the year, the always hilarious and always controversial Joe Lstiburek answers questions from Westford Building Science Symposium attendees and other building science enthusiasts following the conversation from the Twittersphere.

EIA Report: Heating and Cooling No Longer the Majority of Home Energy Consumption

The Energy Information Administration reported this year that electronics have continued to gain ground on heating and cooling as the biggest energy hogs in North American homes: something that isn't likely to change in the coming year, and that we should pay close attention to as an industry moving forward.

My Take on the 2013 ACI National Home Performance Conference

The ACI National Conference is always one of the home performance industry's biggest events of the year; and Peter's recap of this year's conference gives some good insights into the state of things.

Is Improving Indoor Air Quality More Important than Energy Efficiency?

A concept that has been gaining major ground is the need to focus on indoor air quality when we fix buildings. While frequently discussed, it still tends to take the back seat to energy savings and comfort. Will it continue to do so in the coming year, or will air quality quietly slip to the forefront?

Nest Protect: Why You Still Need a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Our wonderful intern Conrad reviews the Nest Protect, and explains why it's not quite enough to ensure a healthy home. Following the air quality post referenced above, it's a timely piece that goes into some depth about the profound importance of keeping the air in your home healthy and safe.

April Fools Post: Introducing the Passive Aggressive House

We thought this was a pretty good one.

Kind regards, everyone; feel free to chime in in the comments and stay tuned for further reflections and predictions for the New Year in the next few weeks!

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