We built the Energy Circle platform to be the most sophisticated and optimized lead generation tool on the market. It is designed exclusively for HVAC/home performance, energy efficiency and renewable contracting companies working for comfortable, healthy and efficient buildings. Key platform features:


Designed for digital marketing, our platform increases site traffic. Platform features, including schemas and microformats, local service pages, service area maps and geotagging, boost your site’s presence and credibility. We’ll get you more visibility in your specific service area.


Our platform goes beyond just getting you more visitors. Created with conversion rate optimization (CRO) in mind, the platform is a lead generation machine. By increasing the likelihood that visitors to your site will fill out a form or give you a call, we’ll help grow your customer acquisition numbers and customer base.


Energy Circle’s platform is not one-size-fits all. We take care to create a custom, brand-centric design for your site, coupling our experience in what works best with your company goals and design preferences. No templates. We collaborate closely with you throughout the design and review phases to create an optimal product.


With more Google searches now conducted on mobile devices than on desktop computers, having a site optimized for mobile browsing is imperative. Our platform is seamlessly responsive, fine-tuned for mobile traffic across a variety of devices.


Having reviews, both on third party sites and on your own site, is becoming more and more important for service area businesses. We’ve developed a sophisticated review tool that allows you to collect, filter and publish reviews on your site with ease.


You own the site and all its content. We’re not standoffish about letting you in your site: you have complete user control. You site is on a customizable, standalone server. With a simple back-end management tool, adding and changing content is quick and easy.

Our innovative platform combines the best of both worlds: a standalone site with client control and full access to Energy Circle's continuing development of the overall system. See our results section for proof, but our platform is a proven lead generation and conversion machine. Many clients report ROI on their web investment within months.

Curious about which of our platform features suit your organization's needs? Get in touch with the Energy Circle team today to learn more.


How is the Energy Circle platform different from other content management systems (CMSs) like Wordpress or Squarespace?

The Energy Circle platform has all the benefits of open source (free code, easy to use, thousands of contributing developers), plus several cutting-edge features we’ve built exclusively for our industry. Our goal is to create the most flexible, easy-to-use website system anywhere. Our platform, which draws in the best parts of other CMS platforms like Wordpress and Squarespace, is also designed exclusively for the unique needs of the home performance/HVAC/energy efficiency sector.

Energy Circle’s platform is built in Drupal, a powerful open source CMS that also powers The White House, the US Department of Energy, Harvard University and Sports Illustrated.

By using our platform, you benefit from ongoing improvements and features to the platform driven by the community of users and Energy Circle’s developers, a team on a constant quest to discover and develop what works.

What’s the process, how long will it take and how will I be involved in building a new website?

We’re efficiency people! We’ve built a tried and tested process that is collaborative, gives you lots of options and is completion-oriented. How fast does it happen? That usually depends on you, but we’ve launched websites in 7 days- though 5-6 weeks is more typical.

Does Energy Circle keep my software up to date?

Yep. Software updates, including security updates, are on our shoulders.

Will I be able to easily make changes to my site?

Of course! The content on your site -- the words, pictures, graphics and other information you share -- is all within your control. You'll choose a design template when you first get the site rolling, but most areas of the page, even the header, footer and sidebars can be changed just as easily as writing an email message. We have done a lot of work to help make the stuff you need to change easily accessible, while doing other important things automatically, behind the scenes.

The more a website looks "alive," the more likely it is that new visitors will know that you're a professional -- not just at your specialty, but also at running your business.  If you take a little time (even just 20 minutes a week) you can write some news, post some photos of a recent job or put up that nice testimonial your recent customer provided. Our goal is to make this so easy that you don't have to worry about the techie stuff.

If I have my own domain name/URL. Can I keep it?

Yep. Most of our customers do. If you don't have a domain name yet with an existing web site, though, we have some advice about choosing a good one first. The domain name isn't everything, but it can be a very important part of helping you build and promote a brand.

Do I own my website?

Yes. You own all the content and design on your website and can migrate it to another platform if you’d like (though we hope you don’t!).

I have my own site. Can I roll over to the Energy Circle platform?

You sure can. In most cases, it's a straightforward process. If you have a large existing site with hundreds of pages, it may take some effort, but a typical site isn't that hard. If you are getting traffic to your website from search engines or other sites that link to yours on the web (for example, your local Better Business Bureau), you'll want to make sure that those links still work after your site is up and running on our platform. We have written up some ideas about how to make the transition smooth, and we can help make sure your site retains all of the important links and "Google goodness" it has earned over the years.

What if I need additional training on the system?

No problem! Give us a shout.

Does Energy Circle take care of the hosting?

Yes. We’ve negotiated screaming deals with the most high-security, sophisticated hosts around with 24/7/365 monitoring, development and staging servers and other geeky stuff that really matters (trust us on this).

If you're reading this, you're already seeing the power of our platform.

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