Onboarding Process

Discover & Define

After signing the contract for your new site, we'll schedule a kickoff call with you to collect and gather information about your organization, the market and available resources on both sides of this collaborative development process. We want to understand where you are. During this eye-opening discovery phase, our team will hone in on the heart of your brand, company or organization.

We’re a team of active listeners. By defining your key services, ideal markets, your team and more, we’ll work together to define your aspirations and objectives. Together, we’ll make a plan for your site that will work to satisfy these objectives. The subsequent actions and solutions we deliver will be shaped by this process, ensuring that choices made later on in the process are authentic to your organization.

Design & Build

Next, we design and execute on a blueprint for the road ahead. We’ll develop a highly sophisticated platform for your company, created around your specific business needs. Since our platform is fine-tuned exclusively for the energy efficiency contracting and renewable industry, we are familiar with the nuances of design and functionality that set your platform a cut above the competition.

Your dedicated project manager will lead you through the first rounds of structured deliverables including a content audit, site map, wireframes and design layouts. Our team will openly discuss our findings with you, discussing any problems we come across and presenting strategic solutions, harvesting opportunities and setting a course for an actionable plan that has measurable results. Utilizing our excellent team of designers, we’ll create a website tailored to the objectives from the Discover & Define phase.

We thoroughly map out all deliverables in a robust timeline that is expandable or collapsible, so no matter how close or far out we look we have a sense of progress, planning and current status. We’ll schedule design reviews with you, providing multiple options and making adjustments along the way until we reach an optimal product. Our team will create custom pages for you, full of rich content written by professionals familiar with the industry. You’ll receive full training on your new platform from your project manager.

Execute & Measure

Once designs are approved and all facets of your platform are to your satisfaction, we’ll execute and launch. Our team will work closely with you during the launch process to ensure that everything goes smoothly as you get up and running.

Your new platform is a digital marketing tool designed to deliver leads. We’ll monitor the performance of your new site, backing conclusions about performance with hard data and metrics. By using analytics and numbers, we’ll be able to insightfully evaluate your site performance with accuracy. For clients who wish to sign up for ongoing marketing services with us, the dedicated milestones and methods laid out in the Design & Build phase can be seamlessly built into an integrated marketing plan. We’ll go a step further to refine a plan that is dynamic and can be adjusted over time to meet the needs of your organization and its market.

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