Complete marketing tool set for efficiency and renewable energy pros

About Us

What We Believe

Our belief is that the residential building energy efficiency opportunity will be led by a new breed of service providers--knowledgeable about building science, skilled in construction, exceptional at customer service, working house by house and developing custom approaches--that will succeed by building long term consultative relationships with homeowners. Our mission at Energy Circle is to use our team's deep past experience in business strategy, strategic marketing, brand creation, web and software development, design and writing to support these emerging companies. We recognize that it's very difficult to maintain a solid business development effort while spending long days diagnosing and fixing buildings. We also recognize that the energy efficiency business, while all the rage, isn't making anyone rich right now.

Our Solution

So we've built Energy Circle PRO as a smart, low cost set of tools and services that help energy auditors, home performance contractors and other energy efficiency professionals drive their businesses. Our platform enables contractors to easily manage their marketing, maintain a dynamic online presence, qualify leads, and take advantage of online inbound and outbound marketing opportunities without wasting time or learning a new and complex skill set. We aim to charge as little upfront as possible (just enough to try to recoup our development costs) and will build our business on providing cost effective, powerful modules and services charged on an affordable monthly subscription basis. Fixed prices, no surprises. We're listeners. We use Agile development as our software philosophy, and the agile mandate extends throughout our organization. We're perpetually curious--constantly probing the world and our customers for their needs, sorting out the best ideas, and acting quickly.

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Meet the Team:

Peter Troast, Founder/CEO. 

Peter Troast leads the Energy Circle team, and is a passionate advocate for the home performance industry. He drives innovation for both Energy Circle PRO suite of web and marketing tools built exclusively for companies in the home performance, HVAC, insulation, energy auditing and low energy building sector. He contributes to the popular Energy Circle blog for home performance professionals nationally and is a frequent presenter at national conferences on topics of energy efficiency marketing and communication, use of social media and energy monitoring. He is committed to pro bono work for the industry and currently serves as chair of the Marketing Committee for the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) Building Energy '15 Conference as well as various committees of Efficiency First.

Awakened from a freshmen college stupor by profligate 765KV powerlines in upstate NY, he dropped out of college at 19 to work for Friends of the Earth in Washington, where he had the amazing experience of sharing an office with Amory Lovins. Thanks to mentors like Amory, David Brower and others along the way, he's completely dedicated to scaling energy efficiency via a thriving contractor sector.

In prior business life he was: co-founder/Managing Director of Moulded Fibre Technology (recycled packaging startup acquired in simultaneous IPO by UFP Technologies, Nasdaq: UFPT), Strategic Principal, VIA Group (professional services, marketing consulting), VP Marketing & Brand Strategy, American Skiing Company (a resort consortium sold at historic multiples), and a cofounder/head of internet of (a VC backed ecommerce site for dog products and information.) He is a graduate of the Resource Economics program at UC Berkeley where he studied in the Energy and Resources Group.

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Lisa Fahay, Director of  Customer Service

Cutting plastic 6-pack rings to spare marine animal life since she was 10, Lisa's environmental values have always been paired with practical application.  She founded Reternity, a full-service recycling service for small businesses and restaurants in the Portland, Maine area.  Later, as a Recycling Specialist at Waste Management of Maine, her persona as resident treehugger was quickly dispelled when she proved to management that recycling could be profitable.  They bought her a truck.  As Deputy Director of GrowSmart Maine, Lisa spearheaded the outreach efforts and drove the van that led the Brookings Institution road trip in 2007.  That road trip, consisting of public 'listening sessions,' informed the research and writing of "Charting Maine's Future:  An Action Plan for Creating Sustainable Future and Quality Places," also known as The Brookings Report.  The Report's release had a significant impact on Maine people and policy-makers.  Its policy recommendations continue to be borne out at the legislative and local levels.  Lisa was trained in the art of Customer Service at L.L. Bean.  Dedication to extremely high standards in customer service drives Lisa's work at Energy Circle.  She is a graduate of the University of Maine, where her love of the state created deep roots.  She has a secret passion for foaming & caulking.

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Sage Friedman, Director of Finance

Sage Friedman: Originally from Weld Maine (in the Western Mountains), Sage is the child of rusticating hippies. After a spending several years working in technology, corporate social responsibility, home furnishings, and luxury chocolates, Sage discovered a passion for energy efficiency while helping to rebuild a traditional family owned contracting company by focusing on weatherization and home performance.  Since joining Energy Circle in 2010, Sage has become passionate about helping people understand and control their energy usage.  Sage now serves as Energy Circle’s Director of Finance.  He has a BA in Economics from Vassar College and an MBA from the Yale University School of Management.  In addition to his passion for efficiency, Sage is an aspirational gourmand, mixologist, and policy wonk.  He lives with his wife, Meagan.

Dylan Riordan, Senior Web Developer

A lifelong tinkerer, it was a natural progression for Dylan Riordan to get into web development while still just a lad. He used to take apart anything he could get his hands on -- toys, gadgets -- just to see what make them tick. (Occasionally he would put them back together, but more often the guts would be repurposed into some crazy machine.) From this background, programming computers was a natural transition.

Dylan started college at the University of Connecticut as a Computer Science major, but wound up with a BFA in Photography after becoming fascinated with filmmaking, photography, sculpture and design. While his academic focus shifted to the arts, his passion for problem-solving drove him to continue his computer development work. After a brief stint working for a web-based company that sold over-priced home furnishings, he joined the Energy Circle team in 2009.

In his spare time, Dylan is renovating an old Victorian house and incorporating energy efficiency improvements wherever possible. 

Thomas Scola, Director of IT

Since 1997, Thomas has specialized in website development, multimedia design, organization and production. He brings experience with Open-Source Content Management Systems, and is proficient in XHTML, CSS, User Interface / User Experience design.

With more than 13 years' experience in the field of interactive marketing strategy and multimedia design, Thomas has been involved in marketing campaigns, developing effective and breakthrough creative solutions for clients that include Microsoft, IBM, General Motors, Verizon, Three Olives Vodka, Pinnacle Vodka, Daily's Cocktails, Gorton's Seafood, University Of Southern Maine, Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Thomas is a 1999 graduate of the Maine College of Art and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in Design, Information Architecture and Digital Media Production. 

Dana Pillsbury, Director of Search Engine Marketing

Dana Pillsbury, Energy Circle’s Director of Search Engine Marketing, has spent more than 8 years building and managing PPC strategies for a wide range of businesses and organizations of all sizes, including,, and many more. Dana is a Google Certified Partner and AdCenter Accredited Pro.

A Maine native, Dana spent his college years studying Business Administration at Messiah College in Pennsylvania before returning to his home state. He currently resides with his family in a 200-year-old farmhouse in Western Maine, where he spends his free time gardening, skiiing, snowmobiling, landscaping, gardening, drumming, and raising chickens.

Bethany Profaizer, Sales Manager

Bethany has spent the past eight years working in B2B and B2C sales and marketing and has been counting home performance and energy efficiency contractors among her clients since 2010. As Energy Circle’s onboarding specialist, Bethany uses her diverse marketing communications experience to help energy efficiency professionals market their businesses. She is passionate about connecting her clients with a customized solution that fits their company’s unique needs and boosts their bottom line. 

Bethany has lived in the deep south, the midwest, both US coasts and even enjoyed a 6-month stint in Antarctica. When she’s not putting her genius to work for her Energy Circle clients, she enjoys trekking in remote locations, brewing imperial stouts with her husband, and hanging with her dogs Meili and Willamette. 

Bethany received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Harding University in 2005.

Emily Shaw, Technical Projects Manager

Emily helps make sure everything goes smoothly, communicating with clients to learn their needs and coordinating with the team to complete projects efficiently - all while upholding EnergyCircle’s high quality standards and spirit of innovation.  She previously worked at the Council on International Educational Exchange in Portland, ME as a User Experience Analyst.  A New Jersey native, Emily graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Engineering (modified with Design) and a double major in Studio Art.  Her thesis project on toy-themed, interactive sculpture earned her high honors.  She loves making things of all kinds, especially if power tools are involved.  In her spare time, Emily paints, sculpts, and does anything active and outdoorsy she can think of.  Her greatest love is her Australian Cattle Dog, Dixie, who redefines the word “diva.”