Marketing & Lead Generation

We provide ongoing marketing and lead generation services exclusively to companies providing comfort, efficiency and healthy home services. Our team delivers real, demonstrable results and lives by our performance--no long-term contracts.

Content Marketing

High-quality content is increasingly critical to the search performance of your website. In our industry in particular, good content is vital to helping homeowners understand the value and benefits of high performance buildings. Our content strategy and writing team works with you to develop blog posts, service pages, newsletters, white pages and more. The type of content we produce is tailored to your specific needs, and we have a proven approach to educating customers, moving them down the sales pipeline and converting them to leads.

Content and search engine optimization (SEO) go hand in hand (we think it's snake oil to sell SEO without content or content without SEO). Our expert SEO team ensures that your complete site is optimized for Google (and other search engines) and that ongoing publishing efforts maximize your site’s traffic, conversion and domain authority. Because of our singular focus in the better buildings category, we have deep expertise in how to use seasonally-relevant keywords across marketing initiatives and know the nuances of optimizing things like metadata, site usability, photos and much more.

PPC Advertising

Energy Circle has a dedicated internal team of paid search specialists that have deep statistical knowledge of our sector. Our team uses an approach for generating online leads that delivers what we believe are the lowest cost in any of the industries our clients touch, including HVAC, solar, home performance, plumbing, contracting and home improvement. We utilize Google Adwords, Bing Ads, remarketing and integrated display. A dedicated PPC Specialist will provide consistent updates, a robust monthly performance report, and aggressively optimize your campaigns throughout the month to continuously improve ad performance. We stand behind our performance. We do not require contracts for paid search management.

Local SEO

Service area businesses face unique challenges in search. High-performance local search engine optimization (SEO) requires expertise across a number of web domains: your own website, links, you Google Plus page, citations displaying accurate business information, positive reviews and more. Our team has extensive knowledge of the category and uses an approach to local SEO proven successful over many companies.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to keep your customers informed as well as gain potential customers. We manage the process from creation to measurement, including template design, content development, customer list uploads, and reporting on campaign metrics. We don’t use templates or recycled content from other companies; our programs are built for your specific needs. We also assist in the increasingly critical task of list growth and the creation of custom audiences for paid and social search campaigns.

Review Management

Customer reviews are of ever-increasing importance for customer acquisition and management of your company’s reputation. We provide software and support for review management, including customer list uploads and outreach, negative review filtering, and on-site review publishing. We’ll also give insight into tactics for growing your reviews, both on-site and for third-party review sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Yelp and Angie’s List.

Strategy & Performance Reporting

Our clients call us measurement freaks. We proudly come from the school of “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” (thank you Lord Kelvin) because it makes us better and, from the client standpoint, holds our feet to the fire. Each month, your digital account manager (AM) will prepare a detailed monthly recap report that dives into your website's metrics and goal progress. How are your customers finding you? How many visitors call your number? What is the ROI on your latest ad campaign?

This meeting, while covering analytics and data, also allows us to touch base, present new and strategic ideas, reiterate project next steps, and cover any upcoming items for the month. Things can move fast in the digital world--we want you have optimal communication with us so we can collaborate on the goals that underpin the online lead generation strategy we develop for your business.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook ads are an increasingly successful way for service area businesses to spread brand awareness and facilitate customer acquisition. We’ll create customized campaigns for your business and target the ads to a specified audience aligned with your customer base. Once your campaigns are running, we’ll make routine optimizations to the ads and track their performance to ensure they are working in your favor.

Design & Creative Services

Our in-house designers are at your service to conceptualize and execute a variety of design projects, including company branding and logo design, infographic design/development and presentations. For offline marketing campaigns, we can help provide design support for multiple types of collateral, including direct mailers, print ads, vehicle graphics, brochures, door hangers and more.

Get in touch with the Energy Circle team to learn about how our marketing services can help boost quality lead generation for your business!

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