Marketing Services

We provide ongoing marketing and lead generation services exclusively to companies providing comfort, efficiency and healthy home services. Our team delivers real, demonstrable results and lives by our performance, NOT long-term contracts.

Computer screen with lines on it indicating content marketing through Energy Circle
Content Marketing & On-Site SEO
Our Tactics

Industry-first keyword strategy
Production schedule
Team of In-house content strategists
Infographics, whitepapers, blogs & more
Custom landing pages
Social media promotion
Inbound link building

What You'll Get

High quality on-site SEO
Consistent, fresh, relevant content
Brand authority & thought leadership
Increased organic traffic
Enhanced local search visibility
Increased user engagement
Inbound links
Nurtured leads

Upward trending chart representing PPC advertising through Energy Circle
Paid Search (PPC) Management
Our Tactics

Data-driven & industry knowledge
Team of Adwords & Bing specialists
Balanced approach to keyword strategy
Text/Image creation/optimization
Campaign tracking & monitoring
Call tracking
Mobile advertising
Video advertising

What You'll Get

Increased, quality leads
Low cost-per-lead (CPL)
More paid traffic to website
Robust performance reports
Regular calls with PPC specialist
Budget transparency

Building icon representing local SEO service through Energy Circle
Local SEO Marketing
Our Tactics

Local SEO audit & cleanup
On-site & off-site local optimization
Online directories & citation management
Local content development
Google My Business management
Local link building strategy
Local keyword research

What You'll Get

Increased organic traffic
Consistent NAP (name, address, phone number) data

Improved link profile
Localized structured data markup/schema
Improved domain authority (DA)
Monitored progress (ranking, traffic, leads)

Group of connected people representing social media marketing with Energy Circle
Facebook Ads Management
Our Tactics

Hyper targeted campaign development
Established strategic goals
Compelling creative design & messaging

Key influencer identification
Multiple variations of custom ads
Monitoring & split testing
Consistent testing of new layouts and styles

What You'll Get

Concrete insights & analytics
Increased paid traffic to website

Enhanced brand awareness
Impressions (views)
Community leveraging/reach
Low cost-per-lead (CPL)

An envelope representing email marketing, a service provided by Energy Circle
Email Marketing
Our Tactics

Campaign strategy & development
Custom template design
MailChimp expertise
Company newsletters
Seasonal offering promotions
List management
Campaign management
Custom drip campaign design

What You'll Get

Increased leads
Enhanced brand awareness

Additional reach to recurring customers
Customer segmentation
List management and growth
Data analysis

Shaking hands representing review management service provided by Energy Circle Marketing Services
Online Review Management
Our Tactics

Customer review strategy
Negative review support
Online reputation monitoring
Review software & tools
Review best practices
Leverage positive reviews

What You'll Get

Increased review frequency
Enhanced brand credibility
Minimized effect of poor reviews
Review profile(s) optimization
Proactive review responses

Paintbrush representing design and creative services from Energy Circle
Design & Creative Services
Our Tactics

Print material production
Video production & distribution
Brand evaluation & consultation
UI/UX consultation
Website design optimization
Trade show collateral
Infographic development

What You'll Get

Team of in-house graphic designers
Polished brand aesthetic
Updated, fresh design
Intuitive UI/UX design
Strengthened brand identity

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