We specialize in delivering the most sophisticated (and low-cost) lead generation in the home performance industry, using a wide variety of proven tactics. We stand on our performance: no contracts, and no obligations if we aren't delivering high-quality leads.

We provide ongoing marketing and lead generation services exclusively to companies providing comfort, efficiency and healthy home services. Our team delivers real, demonstrable results and lives by our performance, NOT long-term contracts.
Energy Circle’s in-house technology team drives the advancement of our platforms and tools. On a selective basis, we develop custom websites and applications that contribute to our overall mission of championing the fixing and construction of better buildings.


Do I need SEO (search engine optimization)?

The purpose of SEO is to produce steady growth in organic traffic to your website with strong conversion to leads. We know the minutiae of this formula and have repeatedly achieved strong SEO/organic traffic results for our clients.

Prioritizing the investment in SEO for your company depends on how you are performing today, whether your SEO needs cleanup and the urgency of your need for leads (customer acquisition). We’ll recommend only the strategies we think will produce ROI for you.

I’ve tried Google AdWords and had a terrible experience. What does your team do differently?

Success with paid search (pay-per click, Adwords, Bing) in our industry can be challenging. Less than stellar results aren’t surprising with self-managed campaigns or attempts by generic marketing firms that don’t understand our industry.

We believe we are producing the highest quality, lowest cost leads in the home performance/HVAC/energy efficiency sector. Our team of paid search specialists is focused exclusively on our industry. We have an unprecedented dataset of search queries that perform well, and a strategic approach that is consistently successful for our clients.

Why should I invest in my website once it's up and running?

High-quality content that is regularly updated is a critical success factor for website performance. Websites are a bit like professional athletes- they need continued training (or content, in this case) to stay in top form. Our team has proven that the investment in fresh content pays for itself several times over in the form of more and higher quality leads, increased traffic and job and revenue growth.

Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

No. Our marketing services contracts are month to month. We stand on our performance.

Wouldn’t a local marketing company do a better job since they already work in my service area?

In digital marketing for our industry, deep knowledge of the home performance/HVAC/energy efficiency sector is as vital as is understanding the constant changes in local search. We’re experts in both.

Does Energy Circle actually create the content?

Yes. We have invested in and trained an in-house team of writers who know our industry.

What types of content will work for my business?

There is no cookie cutter content at Energy Circle. We tailor your content to best suit your organization’s particular services, working to align the messaging with your current initiatives and business goals. Shaped around your specific needs, content can take many forms for you. This may include service pages, blog articles, thought leadership pieces, case studies, reviews, FAQs, infographics and more.

How often do we communicate?

We’re at your service and believe in an open door policy. Depending on your service package, you can expect weekly (sometimes daily) communications. All of our clients can expect comprehensive monthly meetings with us that review performance and analytics.

How do you manage budgets?

We agree on a monthly spend that works for you, and never exceed it unless we get your explicit approval.


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