Brinkmann SL-7 Solar Security Light
Brinkmann SL-7 Solar Security Light

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Brinkmann SL-7 Solar Security Light

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Quick Overview

A little sun of your own! Solar-powered, motion-detecting light where you need it!


A light for the end of your tunnel. The SL-7 is perfect for those dark spots around your garage or backyard, where you either don't have electricity or don't want to keep a light on all the time. It has a solar panel which can be positioned up to 15 feet away, wherever the exposure is best. So it chills all day, soaking up the rays, and then by night it's ready to light up your life: two 10 watt, quartz adjustable halogen lights will cast the equivalent glow of a 17 watt incandescent bulb. Position the light six to eight feet above the ground and it will sense whenever you approach, and turn on for 90 seconds. The motion detector covers a 130 degree area with a maximum range of 65 feet, so be careful how you position it (you probably don't want to cross paths with a sidewalk or cat-door that would keep the light going on and off all night long). A lot depends on how much sun your SL-7 gets, but on a full charge, it can last for 120 90-second light-ups; unless you imagine yourself having more than 120 late night visitors, you should be fine.

Nitty Gritty

Note: Before first use the switch must be left in the "off" position and the unit charged in full, direct sunlight for three days. A Phillips screwdriver is required for installation. Additional Information: Owner's Manual (pdf) Dimensions: 15.0" Wide x 9.7" High x 4.0" Deep, Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year, Origin: Macau

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