CREE LR6 Dimmable LED Fixture
CREE LR6 Dimmable LED FixtureScrews right In to your existing fixture

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Cree LR6 Dimmable LED Fixture

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Quick Overview

Finally! Dimmable Recessed Long-Lasting LED Lighting! Bring it on, prize winner!


Unbelievable. The Cree LR6 consumes only 12 watts of electricity to produce light comparable to 65 watts of incandescent lighting.

Energy savings are compounded many times once you take into account the extremely long life you can expect from this LED. Not only is this lamp more energy efficient than a CFL, it is mercury-free, entirely safe, and dimmable.  And you can install it easily, without an electrician, in an existing downlight like the ones you probably have in your kitchen.

Many of us have been waiting a long time for this advance in residential, dimmable lighting options.

This downlight module provides you with everything you need to make the transition to safer, environmentally sound, economically wise lighting, whether as part of new construction or renovation, or as a simple do-it-yourself project. 

The time is now for LED lighting. And this is a complete recessed downlight trim kit and an LED light, in one unit.

The Cree LR6 Dimmable LED Fixture fits standard recessed housings in new construction or as a retrofit for existing fixtures. The 6-inch-diameter unit will install easily in most 6 inch IC or non-IC rated housings via a standard Edison socket you know, the kind you screw a regular lightbulb into.  The whole setup is supported by a rotating clip retention system.

We Thought You'd Like To Know

To be honest, this is a remarkable product.

This LED produces the soft light most of us prefer using about one-fifth the wattage of similar glowing incandescent lights.  The light is warm, pleasant, and almost indistinguishable from incandescent.  It comes on instantly, difuses light well, and does everything you expect.

The Cree LR6 is really good at what it does. This product was the grand prize winner in the solid state lighting category of the 2007 Lighting for Tomorrow Competition, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, Consortium for Energy Efficiency, and American Lighting Association.

This color temperature is 2700 degrees Kelvin (warm white), and available in a cooler bright white. The unit will dim to about 20% of full light output if you have a dimmer.

We recommend warm white if you're replacing an existing incandescent bulb and want the same kind of lighting.

OK, OK, the fixture costs more than the bulb it replaces.  But consider the following:

  • The light uses 1/5th the electricity of incandescent, the savings add up quickly
  • At around $10 for a bulb that lasts 2,000 hours, this one lasts 50,000 hours -- 25 times longer

Nitty Gritty


Warm White:

  • Light Output: 650 lumens (60 watt incandescent equivalent)
  • Color Temperature: 2,700 degrees Kelvin (warm white)
  • Color Rendering: 92 CRI
  • Electrical Specifications: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • 12 watts
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years

Bright White:

  • Same except: Color Temperature: 3,500 degrees Kelvin (bright white)

What The Pros Are Saying

Preferred Builders
Riverside, CT
This bulb is extremely cool--literally.  It will help you save money on your electricity bill.  We will install these for you.
US Energy Renovations
Westfield, NJ
These are really great, energy efficient LED fixtures.  We will install these for you.
Efficient Energy Solutions, LLC
Woodstock, GA
Not only does this light fixture use less energy than a CFL, it produces very little heat, and lasts 20 - 25 years.  You will save energy and never have to change a lightbulb again.  A must have when it comes to installing new or replacing old recessed lighting fixtures!

Customer Reviews

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Posted by nick123 on Mar 4, 2015 2:13am

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Posted by nick123 on Mar 4, 2015 2:11am

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Posted by nick123 on Mar 4, 2015 2:02am

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Posted by Seeker Gao on Dec 1, 2014 2:00am

The lighting industry is seeing a huge shift from regular incandescent lights to the new LED lights. It's hard not to see the enormous advantages of LED lighting. They use about a fifth of the wattage than regular lights. They last roughly 50 times longer as well. Although LED lights are more expensive it usually takes no time at all to re-coop your investment.

Posted by chad s on Jan 11, 2013 1:56pm

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Posted by led lighting australia on Dec 26, 2012 11:31pm
I read the aforementioned reviews last week and went out and bought 16 of these Cree LR6 Dimmable LED light fixtures and installed them in existing recessed lighting in about 2 hours. These lights are fantastic as they have a CRI of about 92 and make colors appear so much better than with CFLs. I loved the energy savings of the CFLS but could not stand the muted and drab colors that resulted when they were on. These fixtures are virtually no different than having incandescent lights but with only about 1/6 the energy cost. My only complaint is that my old recessed lights had a black baffle to reduce some of the glare when looking at them and hopefully Cree will come out with a fixture which will have some black trim to reduce the glare. Purchased these at Home Depot for $35.00 apiece and therefore don't pay outrageous prices of $75.00 or more as seen on the Internet. Dr. Robert John Davis Posted by Dr. Robert John Davis on Jan 13, 2012 2:20pm
I had about 20 CFLs in my can lights and I was replacing about two per month. In addition, in the winter they had to warm up, and the light color wasn't the best. I switched ALL the lights to these and they are fantastic. Instant on, dimmable to maybe 35%, and perfect color temp. I've had several parties and when I tell people these are not incandescent lights, they are shocked. They are expensive, but when you realize they last 20 years and you'll likely never ever need to replace one, they are worth it. I measured their power at about 9 Watts and they are brighter than the 15 W CFL they replace. These are the future. Posted by Allen on Oct 5, 2009 10:15pm
Totally agree with the above comment! I love these lights; we've retrofitted our whole kitchen with them are super excited about them - the light quality is excellent (warm, good looking, nice), they burn cool so sitting at our kitchen table isn't like sitting under 6 mini space heaters like it used to be, and they'll last forever... oh and, they use next to nothing for energy, which is great for the kitchen - probably the most used room in the house! Love em. Posted by monica on Jul 28, 2009 12:04pm
We're using the CREE LED's as replacements for halogen cans in our now infamous kitchen that has been featured in so many EnergyCircle videos. The lesson for us has been that LED lighting needs to be evaluated on more than its energy savings and the fact that they'll outlast most of us middle agers. The halogens, in our case, were the primary source of heat in the ceiling cavity that produced ice dams last winter and damage to the ceiling. Using infrared technology, we measured the temperature of the LED's at 106F vs the halogens at 327F. Massive difference. Now, in late June, as the march of summer heat and humidity makes its way to us, we're noticing the kitchen is a much cooler place at night when the lights are on. Our view is the extra cost of the CREE's, taking into account all the various factors, is well worth it. And, they're an endless source of curiosity for virtually everyone who comes over. The fact that they draw only 12 watts is extraordinary, particularly given the awesome quality of the light. Posted by PT on Jun 30, 2009 1:55pm