Mortite Rope Caulk Gray
Mortite Rope Caulk Gray

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Mortite Rope Caulk Gray

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A fast and nearly foolproof draft solution.


Roll em' out! The Mortite Rope Caulk is basically a big rope of putty, on a roll. Super fast and easy, just unwind it and press it on with your fingers - presto! You've clogged the gaps and cracks around your windows that cost you heat and energy. Mortite rope caulk can keep out everything from infiltrating air to moisture condensation, even dirt and insects. It's self adhering, so there's no gun or applicator needed, but it's also easily removed with no ugly marks left over.  This stuff is so easy that our "real home" blogger recently noted that, under the right circumstances, your partner can caulk the windows... alone!

We Thought You'd Like To Know

The 45-linear feet roll will last you three average-sized windows.  The 90-linear feet roll will last you six average-sized windows.  This Rope Caulk comes in gray or brown to suit your taste...or mood.

Nitty Gritty

Please note: Mortite Rope Caulk is a non-returnable item.

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