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TED 5000 Series: The Energy Detective Electricity Monitor

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Quick Overview

The TED 5000 "The Energy Detective" energy monitor connects your electrical use to your home network, and even Google PowerMeter.


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The TED 5000-G and 5000-C are the core models of the The Energy Detective 5000 electricity monitor series.  We're now also selling the TED 5002-C and TED 5002-G models, which are simply the TED 5000 with the extra hardware needed to monitor a sub-panel, a 400 amp split service, solar PV or wind, or even monitor a single circuit separately.

The Energy Detective 5000-G (or 5002-G) allows you to view your electricity use on your computer or mobile device.  The Energy Detective 5000-C (or 5002-C) extends the functionality of the 5000-G by adding a table-top display so that you can see your usage at the moment -- install in your kitchen, hallway or living room.  We think the display is an important part of the benefits of home energy monitors -- out of sight is out of mind, as they say; monitor electric usage carefully and you'll learn how your home works as a system ... and end up with a lower electricity bill.

You'll be surprised at the ways to save electricity that you find with TED 5000 -- we were!

How The TED 5000 Energy Detective Is Different

Unlike other more basic home power monitors we sell, the TED 5000 is designed to work with your home network, and also keeps the history of your electrical usage.  You can view your electricity consumption in a number of ways, right through any web browser connected to your home network, including cellphones having web display.  The TED Footprints software, which was an optional package in the original TED series is now included, and works on Windows, Mac and anything with a browser.  There are several free iPhone applications for The Energy Detective, and browser plug-ins.  By being part of the computer age, TED makes it easy to see, but more importantly understand your electricity usage.

The TED Footprints dashboard lets you see more than just your current consumption.  It knows what time it is, and also lets you enter your electric utility plan type, even very complex multi-tier and time of day rate structures are supported ... and also when your next meter read will happen, and even project your next bill!  You can see how you're doing today, this month, and how it all compares to your historical usage -- green means you're using less, red means more.  An addition, you can have Footprints create graphs of your usage -- whether right now, or over time.  Being able to see your usage over time is really powerful.

But TED also has another cool trick: it can connect to the free Google PowerMeter service and send your data every 10 minutes.  PowerMeter is a dashboard widget for your Google home page and is linked to your Google account so only you can see ... unless you would like to share your power data with family and friends.  Because PowerMeter collects and retains data for a long time (forever?) you can look at your use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  

You can see when your fridge comes on, when the dryer is on, and when the kids forgot to turn off the TV.  And in knowing, you have the tools to start making changes to how you use energy so that you can save electricity.

How TED 5000 Can Save Electricity and Lower Your Electricity Bill

You can do whatever you like with the information.  But what most people don't realize is that with a few simple changes, you can significantly reduce your electricity bill and probably not even notice the difference.  We found out how much of our daily electrical use was from things that were "off" -- called vampire power because they suck electricity.  We have some products in our store that will allow you to dramatically reduce this pointless use of electricity.  Timers on lights, automatic sensors, and all sorts of other simple and inexpensive changes can make a big difference without anybody even noticing. 

Over time, you'll begin to understand clearly what is using electricity and making your electric bill so expensive.  We'll bet that you can reduce your bill by 10% without hardly trying.  With a little effort, you can probably double that amount, and for several of us, we have saved more than 25% (in some cases significantly more).  How much is your electric bill?  Would you like to cut it down, and do the planet a favor in the process? 

If you listen to what TED tells you, you can!

We Thought You'd Like To Know

The TED 5000 works in homes with a single electrical panel and measures the whole house usage.  The 5002 model is available for houses with sub-panels, a 400 amp split service (2 x 200a panels), or if you have solar PV or wind and want to monitor them distinctly (inlucing net metering).

The package includes:

  • One pair of current transformers (CTs) that clamp around each of the two main phases of power found in most North American households
  • One measuring/transmitting unit (MTU)
  • The Energy Detective 5002-C or 5002-G come with an additional set of CTs and MTUs
  • A gateway that plugs in to an outlet and hooks up to your home router via Ethernet cable
  • A plug-in table-top display (optional, see below)

Other features:

  • As with all TED 5000 models, the TED 5000G and 5000C give you access to Google PowerMeter.
  • Real-time monitoring accurate to 2%
  • Displays of watts used, cost, and voltage, and monthly peaks and totals
  • Sensitive down to 1 watt
  • View both real-time and historical data on any computer attached to your home network (even your smart phone!).
  • The gateway connects with an Ethernet jack
  • Embedded TED Footprints software (now Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible)
  • The TED Gateway stores 60 minutes of Second-data, 2 days of Minute-data, 7 days of Hourly-data, 90 days of Daily-data, and 10 years of Monthly-data. All of this data can be downloaded to your computer, or uploaded to Google PowerMeter.

Display unit:

  • The display unit has an LCD backlight which is always on
  • A button on the display can toggle between different displays (Watts, Dollars, etc.)
  • The display unit plugs in
  • While the display unit is supposed to have an internal battery that allows you to disconnect it and walk around, the battery life of most units appears to be very short -- sometimes a matter of seconds.
  • The display unit connects to the gateway via Zigbee wireless protocol.  The range of the display to the gateway is quite limited, especially through floors and walls.

Nitty Gritty

For more details, here's the User manual (pdf) (applies to TED5000 models TED5000-C and TED5000-G, TED5002-C, TED5002-G)

Several TED components need to be installed in your electrical panel.  If you're not comforable with taking an electrical panel off, we strongly recommend that you hire an electrician to do the electrical installation.  Also, check local building codes, some of which require an electrician for such work.  TED also requires a hard-wired Ethernet connection at the location of your gateway which may only work in certain circuits of your house.

TED is not compatible with 3-phase electrical systems used in commercial and larger multi-family buildings.

In order to connect to Google PowerMeter, TED needs a reliable and steady connection to the Internet -- some users having satellite internet systems have reported problems with connectivity.

Some customers have reported that it can take a little trying to get the TED gateway installed on a circuit that is not affected by electrical "noise" which can disrupt communications between the MTU and the gateway.  In most cases, there's a circuit available that will work just fine, but it may not be the one you want or one that is close to the Ethernet wiring -- we're just letting you know as we have had a number of customers find the product is too finicky to be reasonable to work in their home.

Some customers have reported that the battery life of the display unit is short (only relevant when not plugged in to it's charging base), and also that the range of the wireless communications is short -- we do not recommend using the display unit for walking around the house for these reasons.  There are several iPhone applications that are good alternatives to the display when it is needed as a mobile unit.

A number of users whose houses use X-10 home automation have reported that the TED can cause an "on" signal to be sent.  Various strategies for isolating the TED gateway and MTU have been employed to isolate the TED, but many people have reported even the most significant efforts have failed to correct the problem.

Customer Reviews


Bought 2 MTU's and the gateway from 3 different sellers on ebay, no instructions included with anything. Got PDF installation instructions from TED website. Install at electrical panel worked 1st time, and after plugging in gateway and linking to router, once everything could communicate together it all worked as advertised. Unfortunately, I bought TED to get a "second opinion" on my smart meter data that goes to the utility company after a $250 electric bill, and the smart meter data appears to be accurate. Knocking off 1 star just for the fact TED data appears to mirror smart meter data, and even though I am an energy conscience consumer and take steps to reduce usage, there's not much more I can do to reduce consumption without making a huge investment (new windows, more insulation, high efficiency furnace etc.) I was more hoping to prove the electric company has a faulty meter. It's only been 12 hours though, so we'll wait and see...

Posted by Ghorn Igbhat on Jan 11, 2015 8:13am

I've been using one for about five years. Because of the info related to Ted, giving you real time and history, my usage has dropped drastically. More aware, now you know what each of your appliances is using. I'm only using it for the power usage, but it has sooooo many features. I have saved the price of Ted five times over. Thank you Energy Detective.

Posted by Anonymous on Dec 5, 2014 3:31pm
Hello- I recently bought the TED 5000 and even spent the extra $$ to get the wireless display so we could leave that in the kitchen. I was extremely excited about this product. However, I have been a little frustrated with it after using it for about a week now. I work in IT and am proficient with wireless & the like. The install was a snap. However, i quickly found out that the display had to be less than 2 feet from the gateway in order to receive signal. I tried moving to a different room with no luck. I logged a ticket with techsupport and they sent me a firmware upgrade for the daughterboard. After applying the new firmware, no change. For the short-term we used the display in a location very near the gateway and it seemed to work fine. It taught us very quickly what devices in our house were energy hogs! (My computer was one!!!) At any rate, I setup Google power meter and things were working pretty good despite the occasional lockup where the gateway seemed to become unresponsive momentarily. Today I was showing a co-worker Google power meter while at work, and noticed that the data had stopped reporting at noon. I came home and went thru many iterations of rebooting the gateway, changing circuits, resetting the MTU. After about 30 minutes of monkeying around it came back to life. I really really want the TED to work, but while very cool... it is VERY buggy and not stable at all. I just got an RMA ticket tonight so returning the gateway and display... hope the replacement makes these issues go away. (fingers crossed) Posted by Kevin on Feb 21, 2011 8:28pm
It doesn't work. Save your money. In my opinion the company banks on the people who get frustrated and never return it for a refund. I think the TED 5000 is a scam. Right up there with hair loss, ab workouts, and erectile dysfunction ads. Posted by Anonymous on Oct 24, 2012 10:47pm
Installed the device yesterday, a little difficult to get going but figured it out and was opened to a wealth of information! I was just curious as to how to measure individual breakers on the panel, and if this is possible. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction on how to do this, I can't find instructions on the internet. Thanks! Posted by Mike Alcazaren on Jul 1, 2010 8:04am
Just place the CT's around a single breaker looking to be monitered. The CT's will only read what they are clamped too. If you want to measure total and individual, you will need to have the newer model that will do two panels. If you are only concerned with individual loads then place the single set of CT's on the pertinent load. Posted by Anonymous on Jan 27, 2012 11:23am

Some customers have had issues installing and configuring their TED 5000s.  It can take some work to get things worked out ... however as more are installed, we know how to isolate and resolve most of the problems folks are having.  As part of our service we offer support services just for Energy Circle customers, beyond our support pages we'll provide email or telephone support if you need it.

Our bottom line is that the TED does work for almost all customers, and works rather brilliantly ... once you get it set up correctly.  We're here to make sure installation is simple and quick as possible for you.


Posted by Tom Harrison on Apr 7, 2010 10:53am
For most people it would probably be worth while to get an electrician to install their TED unit. After I got mine up and running it has worked great! Posted by Rich McCue on Mar 15, 2010 11:25pm
The TED 5000 is not too difficult to install and is a GREAT prduct, but I can see novices getting frustrated or confused and leaving some poor reviews due to THEIR experience, (while it having no bearing on the effectiveness of the actual product). FIRST, ensure your CTs (the rings that clip around the main power cables) have the red dot facing the same way (both facing towards the main breaker in my case), SECOND ensure you can get the green LED on the gateway to FLASH every several seconds by plugging it into an electrical out that does not share a circuit with electronic equipment (TV, computer, router), OR purchase a X10 noise filter for $5 on ebay and install it on the electric equipment to isolate the noise (install in between the power strip/UPS which houses your electronics and the wall outlet). THIRD, understand how to configure the software, gateway (need to manually add the serial number of the MTU) and Google powermeter. Do all this and I cannot understand why you wouldn't LOVE the product like I do! I am giving it 4 stars our of 5, knocking a star off due to the sensitivity of the product to electrical noise and not including a $5 electrical noise filter to solve the problem. Now to figure out how to reduce my electrical needs... Posted by Nick Allen on Mar 2, 2010 2:33pm
Well the money and time that they spend HYPING the TED is great (I bought it) The reality is the install documentation SUCKS. I consider myself a better than average handy man I've work with electricity and such all my life. There are no instructions just a few pictures and a half ass'd quick start guide thats about as useful as....... Hey Ted how about some real world info on how to install the hardware and software for those of us who did not invent it.. Disapointed & frustrated Posted by Robert on Feb 28, 2010 5:32pm

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