Product Review: Todol Pur Shooter Foam Gun

Spray foam is one of the best products out there for air sealing your home to make it more energy efficient.  Earlier this week we wrote about tax credits available for spray foam products (although, really, they're not all that expensive, and will pay for themselves in no time in reduced heating and cooling costs).  Today we'll look at a tool that makes air sealing with spray foam even easier.
The Todol Pur Shooter Foam Gun, compatible with all gun foam canisters (one of our favorites is the OSI GreenSeries Pro Foam II), is a high quality, easy to use foam gun that increases accuracy and reduces mess during spray foam application. We sell it because it's the best of its kind.
A number of spray foam products do contain applicating tools such as straws or disposable nozzles.  While those are all fine products, and often enough to get the job done, we've found that a good foam gun is well worth the extra investment if you plan on doing more than just a little bit of air sealing.  The Todol Pur Shooter is reusable and durable, and it even allows you to place a can of foam on a shelf for a couple of weeks if you need to come back and finish a job later (a lot of spray foam products with self-contained application nozzles are strictly for all-or-nothing, one-time use). 
With a barrel long enough to hit the hard to reach spots, but short enough to not get in your way, the Todol Pur Shooter foam gun is about as practical as you can get, and makes spray foaming all your home's energy-leaking nooks and crannies a cinch. 
With tax credits for spray foam available today, there's never been a better time to hit those air leaks than right now.  After trying out a number of different products, we recommend you hit them with a Todol Pur Shooter Foam Gun. 
To see it in action (along with the OSI GreenSeries Pro Foam), check out the video below.  Although the whole video is certainly worth watching, the Todol kicks in at 4:04..

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