Snug Planet is Having More Fun with their Marketing than You.

snug planet soap box derbySnug Planet is a really cool home performance company in Ithaca, New York. We've brought them up in our blog before to talk about some of the hip marketing tactics they use -- like the dog on their About Us page.

But this time they've really outdone themselves. Apparently, for the past couple years they've been participating in a local soap box derby contest. They have uniforms with their name on them, they have a branded box truck on site, and they even got National Fiber (manufacturer of cellulose insulation) to donate some bales of cellulose to use as safety barriers in place of the more traditional hay bales.

If you've ever thought that marketing your home performance business was boring, or something that you just have to do, you should pay attention and take a lesson from these guys.

Community Engagement is Good For Your Business.

We've written before about non-traditional marketing ideas for home performance pros and discussed how reaching out to the community through speaking gigs and other non-traditional avenues can help grow your business and drive the home performance industry forward as a whole.

Community Engagement Can Be Fun.

What Snug Planet's shenanigans tell us is that "community engagement" doesn't have to be all speaking gigs and chambers of commerce meetings, but can include fun activities that put you in touch with people throughout the community and put your brand in front of a lot of eyes.

Here are a few shots from Snug Planet's Facebook page which make us wish we had been there:

The 2011 Snug Planet soap box car. 

The 2011 Snug Planet soap box racer up close.
The 2012 Snug Planet soap box car: a marked improvement.
Cellulose insulation as a safety barrier.

If real life were literature, this clash between foam and cellulose insulation materials would be a symbolic representation of the respective materials' struggle for dominance of the energy efficient insulation market.

Alright, think you've had more fun marketing your home performance business than these guys? We'd love to hear about it in the comments.


These guys are doing it right! A fun and smart way to get brands into the public perception and it looks like they had a great time doing it too!

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