3 Things I’ve Learned About Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is a scary concept for a lot of people. The truth is that digital marketing is not scary and anyone can learn as little or as much about the field as they want!

When I first started working as a digital marketer, I’ll admit I was overwhelmed and after my first week I felt like my head was spinning. However, it really wasn’t as bad as my overactive imagination had made it seem. I want to share the three most important things I’ve learned over the last few months about digital marketing that hopefully will prove as useful to you as they have to me.

#1 It Encompasses Everything

Digital marketing is the practice of marketing goods or services across the internet by various digital platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other websites - and practitioners can use as many or as few platforms as they need to get their desired outcomes, or goals. Digital marketing is also important when you are trying to boost the position of your company’s website in Google search rankings through search engine optimization (SEO).

One of the big ways that digital marketing stands apart from other forms of marketing is through the ability to track the outcomes of your campaigns and the conversion rate of the goals you set. Using Google Analytics and other tracking tools, digital marketers can see who is visiting a site, what page they are on, and how long they are on the page in real time. They can also use this data to look at trends over past months and years to see which campaigns are working, which keywords are effective, and what they need to change to have more successful campaigns.

While the actual implementation of digital marketing campaigns resides in the online world, digital marketers cannot afford to forget real-world variables that can have an impact on the outcome of their campaigns.

For example, if you are creating a campaign for a business that wants to promote air conditioning tune-ups in southern California, you can safely assume that late February or early March would be an appropriate time to plan the campaign because it gets hot there in spring.

However, if you have a client in the Northeast that also does air conditioning tune-ups, it would not make sense to schedule that campaign in early March. Potential customers in the Northeast are still cranking their heating systems, and thinking about having to rake their lawns when the snow finally melts. Real-world variables must be remembered even when the strategy is executed in the digital world.

# 2 It is Ever-Changing

One of the constants in digital marketing is that it is always changing. From year-to-year, month-to-month, and week-to-week; there are always new tools, trends and ideas available that can make your life easier and help deliver results to your campaigns. What worked six months ago might not work as well today, and something that used to be a go-to tool a year ago can become completely obsolete.

Just in the past few months, Google started offering Google Posts that has completely changed the way search engine results pages (SERP) look for the ever-changing information relevant to your business. Changes like these happen all the time and have the power to transform digital marketing strategies.

Like everything in the technology and digital space, digital marketing is fast-paced and always evolving, so a digital marketer needs to be on their toes to stay ahead of the curve. This means a successful digital marketer will always be on the lookout and researching ever-evolving trends and tools. A task that can be time consuming but also exciting and rewarding.

#3 Anyone Can Learn

Anyone can learn. No seriously, anyone can learn, they just have to want to. Digital marketing is an exciting and evolving field where the best and brightest are constantly looking for new ways to up their game, diversify their services and bring the most value to effectively market a campaign.

Is it easy to learn? Learning and becoming an expert in anything is never easy. Both take hard work and time. What can make digital marketing difficult is the fact that it encompasses all digital channels. The best digital marketers need to be aware of, and have knowledge of all of those channels while keeping in mind the real world variables that can sink a campaign.

When I first started working in digital marketing I was overwhelmed, but every day you learn something new about a different platform, channel or strategy and you quickly adapt and gain a foothold on what digital marketing means, what it is, its imperfections and its possibilities. There is always room to grow and think outside the box. Don’t believe me that anyone can learn? Check out a recent Danalytics post on Google Tag Manager.

Need help with your digital marketing but not sure where to start? Give the Energy Circle team a call!

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