5 Ways To Go Broke On Google Adwords

The definitive guide to putting yourself out of business over the internet.

*Please do not take any of this advice, and if you are currently using these tactics, please contact us immediately.

If you could stand to lose some of that pesky cash you have lying around without any return, then this guide is for you. Running an AdWords campaign without any experience is comparable to burning money, except in this case the fire is a very successful company called Google.

Mismanaging an AdWords account is easy. That’s why there are professionals who study the system every single day. If you don’t feel like studying, and would rather market aimlessly, check out the easy to follow steps below.

Broad Match Keyword Matches

The quickest way to burn through your budget without getting any results is to use broad match keywords. Broad match keywords allow your ads to show to people who type in keywords that are what Google deems “relevant” to your keyword. Google is smart...right? The table below shows how using broad match keywords can result in your ad showing for a variety of terms you might not want to rank for.

Adwords Keywords 

This is an efficient way to spend money attracting visitors who are not at all interested in your service to your site. If someone is looking for hair conditioner or some fresh Js, there is a very slim chance that they are ready to buy a new AC unit. Plus, if this shopper does click your ad that is one less click that someone who is actually looking for AC will be able to perform.

Wasting money tip #1: Avoid exact and phrase match keywords

Not Using Ad Extensions

You don’t want your ad to stick out. If it sticks out, you could be in danger of people choosing you over your competitors. This would result in a successful AdWords campaign, and not what this guide is designed to produce. Ad extensions such as call extensions, sitelinks, location extensions, etc. will tell customers more information about your business. In the image below you can see that CARJON’s ad is full of extra information and almost three times the size of Gem Plumbing’s ad. These two companies are paying a similar price to have their ads at the top of the page, but because CARJON is using ad extensions their ad is far more likely to be clicked on.

CARJON Adwords Example

Wasting money tip #2: To avoid attracting informed customers who are ready to buy, ad extensions should be ignored.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are similar to broad match keywords, if you don’t understand them then your ads will be shown to people who are searching for other services...excellent. If you are looking to waste money, and we are, you should not review your keyword data and add any irrelevant terms to the negative keywords list.

Negative keywords make it so when people search for terms that are close to your keyword, but have a qualifier that makes the search have a completely different meaning, then Google will know not to show your ad. The chart below shows what you have an opportunity to bid on if you are not using negative keywords.

Adwords Search Terms

Wasting money tip #3: Ignore negative keywords and keep bidding on terms like “car AC repair.”

Not Bidding On Your Own Brand

If you are looking for a way to get rid of money, then you also probably don’t care about branding. And if you don’t care about branding, then you shouldn’t bid on your own brand term. Brand terms perform exactly the opposite way that this guide recommends, as they are generally very affordable and result in leads.

By not bidding on your brand terms it opens you up to one of the easiest ways to lose business — allowing your competitors to show their ads above yours. Chances are, at least one of your savvy competitors is bidding on your brand name. When they get the first word in with your customers, it can be detrimental to your leads.

Bidding on your brand also gives you far too much control over your message. Take a look at the screenshot below. Evergreen is taking their messaging into their own hands instead of settling with what Google gives them. By offering $500 off home performance, they are far more likely to garner interest among potential customers. This is a great ad, and not what we are here to discuss.

EverGreen Home Performance AdWords Example 

Wasting money tip #4: Allow your competitors to outrank you by not bidding on your own brand name.

Not Trusting Numbers More than Your Creativity

As Mark Twain wrote, “It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.”

We all like to hear the sound of our own voice, and if we yell loudly enough, we can drown out all the statistics. Creating your own ad copy and believing that you nailed it on the first try is a great way to waste time and money with Adwords.

Let’s say you are very proud that your company sponsors a local little league team. It makes sense that you would want your customers to know this, so you write it on your ads. Unfortunately, the customer whose AC just broke on the hottest day of summer doesn’t care at all what goodwill your company has done; they just click on the first thing they see that says AC repair. But, since we are looking to get rid of all our money we will continue to be headstrong and avoid making changes when we see our ad copy underperforming. Because the best way to find out what a customer wants is intuition, data is for marketers looking to make money.

  ParadeeHVAC Adwords Example

Wasting money tip #5: Don’t listen to the data, you already wrote the perfect ad copy.

Stay The Course

Handing over your money to Google with little or no return can be easy to do. If you are looking for a profitable way to spend marketing dollars, please do the opposite of what this guide recommends and call Energy Circle.

Energy Circle is a group of experts in the home performance, HVAC and solar marketing world with the experience to run your Adwords campaign successfully. We have seen Adwords campaigns come to us with all of the above problems and are fully prepared to quickly turn these accounts around.

Ready to stop aimlessly spending money on Adwords? Give us a call at (207) 847-3644 or contact us today.

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