Creative Ways to Use Google Posts

Google Posts are a glimpse of freedom in the locked-down world of the Google knowledge panel. Local SEO expert Miriam Ellis referred to Google Posts as “the most interesting development of 2017,” and besides Kyrie being traded to the Celtics, I would have to agree.

In the past, controlling what content came up in your brand search was extremely limited unless you were paying for Google Adwords, and even then you could barely touch the knowledge panel. Google Posts are valuable because they allow service area businesses to display custom and controlled content on what is possibly the most important page on the internet.

Google Posts are available to everyone, so we compiled a list of ways to use Google Posts that will help your brand stick out.


Got a special event coming up? Maybe a showcase, tradeshow, or an open house? This is perfect content for Google Posts. 

Events often have a low attendance simply because people don’t know about them. No one is actively searching for an HVAC Showcase, but people are searching for your brand name. Similar to an email or certain types of Facebook and display ads, Google Posts can help your message reach people who are not actively looking for it.

Testimonials (with Small Thanks)

You might have recently received an email from Google Small Thanks. Small Thanks is a Google initiative that lets you take positive Google reviews and presents them in a nice framed image. 

At Energy Circle, we were able to put two and two together and find that these images fit perfectly inside Google Posts. So now on top of your regular Google reviews and “Reviews from the web” you are also be exposing your customers to a large font positive review of your choosing! In our industry reviews are held in such high regard that this is my favorite use of Google Posts so far.


$6,500 In Rebates!
72 Months 0% Interest Financing!
$25 Off Your Next Repair
Buy A New Furnace And Get A New 52” TV! 

Everyone loves a deal. Offers like these can help your customer choose you over your competitor. Putting your best deals in your Google Posts can help a customer make their purchasing decision even before they access your site. It can also help you direct people to your most enticing offer. Usually, in the knowledge panel, only the homepage of the website was accessible, but now we are able to showcase whatever customers are most interested in. 

Whitepaper Downloads

It is possible that when someone searches your brand name, they are just looking to learn more about your company. This is one of the reasons team pages, about us pages and company news pages are some of the most visited on every site. A great way to build trust with your customer base is to create a whitepaper on something you are an expert on and offer it as a free download. These educational whitepapers can be a great use of a Google Post because it positions you as the thought leader in the industry. Plus if you hide it behind an email gate you will have the potential customer’s information.

Newsletter Sign-Ups

One of the many goals for 2018 for every company should be to increase the size and quality of their email list. The difficult part about a newsletter sign up is that it is rarely the first call-to-action. If someone is looking for a solar install job, you want to set up a consultation and not just sign them up for a newsletter blast. With Google Posts, you can offer them a newsletter sign up within the knowledge panel while still offering all your services and contact information.


Blogging is still a huge part of SEO and content creation in 2018. When you write a blog, it feels good when you know that people are actually reading it. Your brand search is one of the most common ways that people get to your site. So every time a brand search is made you can now show off your recent blog post in the knowledge panel. Posting blogs is a great way to increase the reach of your content while offering readers information they might not have come across otherwise.

Time To Start Posting!

Google Posts are very exciting, and there have even been murmurs of small organic ranking boosts for companies who use them frequently. We are encouraging everyone to be an early adopter and use them while they last, as Google tests come and go quickly.

Want to use Google Posts to better market your brand? Contact Energy Circle to help!

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