Emotional Messaging in Marketing: Indoor Air Quality & Healthy Home

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Back in September, we talked about the importance of using emotion to get more from your content. Emotion, when used properly in your marketing, has the power to generate more leads for your HVAC, home performance or solar business. But how exactly should you use emotion in your content, and are there certain emotions you should focus on in your industry?

Today, we’re taking a magnifying glass to the healthy home industry and exploring which emotions are the most effective when marketing indoor air quality services such as ventilation and air filtration.

The Importance of Using Emotion in Your Content

Marketing experts have long proclaimed the power of emotionally driven content. Content that is underscored with emotion — such as happiness fear, anger, shock, or anticipation — not only resonates more deeply with potential customers but also is more effective at increasing engagement and generating leads for your business.

A video that instills happiness by highlighting the positive things your HVAC business has done for your community, for example, may get more shares on social media, and in turn, bring more users to your website where they will learn about your HVAC services. An online ad that shocks users with an impressive “before and after,” meanwhile, could drive users to your website to request more information about your services.

Top Emotions for Marketing Indoor Air Quality Services

In effective marketing for indoor air quality and healthy home services, three emotions seem to resonate especially well: fear, shock, and happiness.


Fear can be an extremely effective emotion in content marketing, and it is perhaps the most effective emotion when marketing indoor air quality services. The reason? Indoor air quality services inherently resolve and prevent issues that homeowners fear — indoor allergens, asthma symptoms and carbon monoxide, to name a few.


Related to fear is shock. Most home and commercial property owners are surprised to learn what exactly is lurking in their indoor air. They are also usually surprised to learn just how effective duct sealing or installing a whole-home ventilation system can be at improving their indoor air quality — and their own physical health.


On the other end of the emotional spectrum is happiness. Highlighting the benefits of healthy home services will naturally bring happiness into your marketing. Just think of the peace of mind that home and commercial property owners have when they know their indoor air is clean and healthy.

How to Use Emotion in Your Healthy Home Content

Ready to engage and influence your audience with emotionally driven content? Engaging potential customers and pointing them to your IAQ and healthy home services is easier than you might think. Here are a few ways you can include emotional messaging in your IAQ and healthy home marketing:


When marketing IAQ services with fear as the underlying emotion, your goal is not to give your potential clients neverending nightmares about their indoor air quality. A small dose of fear goes a long way here.

Try educating your audience about the harmful substances that could be lurking in their indoor air and then framing your services as a constructive solution. You might, for example, create an infographic with statistics about radon in homes and a call-to-action urging homeowners to schedule radon mitigation services. Or, you might send out an email titled “Is my house making me sick?" about the harmful effects of poor IAQ, inviting readers in the email to consider air filtration for healthier indoor air.


Would your customers be shocked to see the amount of dust that is lurking in their ductwork? Show them! Create a Facebook ad that showcases an impressive duct cleaning “before and after.”

Do you provide air purification system installation to keep homes free of allergy-causing dust and pollen? Create a videographic that shares surprising facts about how many allergens are found in indoor air. At the end of the videographic, invite readers to consider air purification system installation for indoor air that contains fewer allergens.


What have you done for your customers over the past year through your healthy home services? Create an infographic that gives your audience a summary of your work in the community.

Is there a recent project that you are especially proud of? Consider showcasing a happy customer in a blog post, sharing details about how your work significantly improved their indoor air quality.

Always Exercise Balance

Is your content converting users into high-quality leads? Infusing your content with emotion will help you bridge the gap between your company and the consumer. As in all industries, it’s important to exercise balance as you connect emotionally with your potential clients. Lean on fear, shock, or happiness alone too heavily, and your audience will grow tired of your marketing quickly. Be sure to maintain variety in your emotional messaging to keep your content relevant — even when that means appealing to an emotion other than fear, shock, or happiness in your healthy home marketing.

With the right emotional messaging in your marketing, you can engage more potential customers and generate more leads for your HVAC or home performance business. Call 207-847-3644 or contact us to learn more.

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