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Last September we talked about how using emotion in your content can make for more effective marketing. When used carefully in your marketing efforts, emotion has the power to generate more leads for your business. But how exactly do you underscore your marketing content with emotion, and are there certain emotions you should focus on in your particular industry?

We recently discussed how to use emotion effectively for marketing indoor air quality and healthy home services. In this blog post, we’re diving deep into the solar industry and exploring which emotions are the most effective for marketing solar services such as solar PV installation, solar water heating and home battery installation.

Successful Content Is Underscored with Emotion

Studies repeatedly show that the most successful marketing campaigns are underscored with emotions such as happiness, fear, shock, anger or anticipation. This is because people are remarkably emotional in their decision making, often trusting “their gut” to help them make important purchase decisions. Emotionally driven content also tends to be shared more frequently on social media.

If you want your marketing content to resonate more deeply with your target audience, make sure it appeals to their emotions. A video that highlights how your solar services have reduced carbon emissions in your community could generate shares among homeowners who find joy in protecting the environment. A Facebook post that alludes to a surprising way to save money on solar installation, meanwhile, could drive users to your website to learn more about how to go solar affordably.

Top Emotions for Marketing Solar Services

Successful marketing for solar services seems to appeal to three powerful emotions in particular: anger, fear and happiness.


Home and property owners face a number of “pain points” when it comes to powering their homes and buildings — high utility bills, rising fuel costs and frustration with local utility companies, to name a few. These pain points often prompt people to consider solar in the first place. In fact, every solar contractor we talk to states that the most common motivation they see for going solar is financial savings.


It isn’t hard to find alarming information about the impact of fossil fuels on the environment. Solar offers an ideal solution for people who fear harming the environment and wish to reduce their carbon footprint.


Solar inherently offers a number of benefits that elicit happiness in home and property owners. Many people, for example, find satisfaction in knowing they are doing their part to protect the environment. The thought of lower utility bills is also sure to prompt a smile.

How to Use Emotion in Your Solar Marketing

Now that you know a little about which emotions tend to resonate most deeply when marketing solar services, you’re probably eager to start infusing your content with emotion. Engaging potential customers with emotionally-driven content is easier than you might think, but some approaches are better than others. Here are some examples of how you can use emotional messaging as you market your solar services.


The goal here isn’t to get deeply political or to incite rage in your potential clients. Instead, try reminding your audience about everyday annoyances like high energy bills and rising fuel costs. Then, offer your solar services as a solution for these points of frustration.

You might create a Facebook ad, for example, that asks homeowners if they are tired of rising utility costs and that highlights solar installation as a solution for reducing utility bills. Or, you might create an infographic that documents how much the average business owner spends on utilities — and then present solar as an investment that helps cut expenses.


If you’re in the solar industry, many of your potential clients are probably worried about the negative impact that their energy consumption could have on the environment. Try presenting solar as means for reducing their carbon footprint.

You could create a videographic, for example, that documents the impact that buildings in the area had on carbon emissions last year. Then, you could share in the video how your work in the community has helped to reduce carbon emissions. Alternatively, you send out an email promoting battery storage and write “Will your home be ready when an emergency strikes?” in the subject line.


Your audience is much more likely to respond to your marketing efforts when they understand how your services will benefit them. Think about the “perks” that your services offer and market those.

Do you have a happy customer who was recently able to eliminate their utility bills with their new solar PV system? Feature the customer in a case study on your website. Want to educate homeowners about how a solar PV system is surprisingly affordable thanks to the federal tax credit and simple solar financing? Make sure there’s a page on your website that talks about that.

Balance Is Key

If your content isn’t converting users into high-quality leads, maybe it’s time to rethink your approach to content. Including emotion in your marketing is sure to increase engagement while resonating more deeply with your audience. Just remember — if you want to keep your content marketing fresh and relevant, it’s important to always exercise balance. In addition to balancing emotions like anger, fear, and happiness, you might also consider bringing in emotions like shock, humor, or anticipation.

The right approach to content will help increase online engagement and generate more leads for your solar business. Call 207-847-3644 or contact us to learn more.

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