Energy Circle Added Focus: Solar

Over the past 8 years in the residential HVAC, home performance, and insulation sector, Energy Circle has invested over $6 million on behalf of clients in Google AdWords on PPC campaigns which have generated over 135,000 leads and are increasing by around 1,000 every week, at an average lead cost of between $30 and $60. Energy Circle websites have delivered 3.2 million unique visitors to their platforms and over 12.5 million Facebook ad impressions.

With a decade of experience and success in the home performance and HVAC arenas, the Energy Circle team has also been cultivating its knowledge and skillset in the solar industry. Like HVAC and home performance, Energy Circle knows solar. Their expert team knows the issues surrounding lead generation for solar and helps clients overcome the need to rely on purchasing leads.

“We’ve spent the past year perfecting lead generation strategies in real time for our pure play and integrated solar contracting clients,” said Peter Troast, Energy Circle Founder & CEO. “With purchased leads in a quality freefall across all of solar, the time seems right for our mix of self-generated, digital tactics. We’re finding broad reception amongst long-tail contractors, and are incredibly excited to fulfill our better buildings mission with an expanded presence in solar.”

As experts in the HVAC and Home Performance industries, Energy Circle has seen the great results that their platform and digital marketing strategies produce. The graph below shows the cost per lead changes with HVAC clients year over year when using an Energy Circle Search Engine Marketing strategy.

 HVAC Cost Per Lead Year Over Year with Energy Circle

Likewise, the overall spend and cost per lead remained low over a ten-month period for Energy Circle clients:

Low Cost Per Lead Spend Over 10 Months for Energy Circle Clients

Why Solar, Why Now?

Solar has been around for years, but it has never been so readily available to consumers. It’s become much more regional over recent years, with contractors all over the United States. Like HVAC and home performance companies, solar installers have traditionally relied on purchased leads. Now with Energy Circle’s help, they have the option to forego expensive purchased leads and bring high-quality leads that are less expensive through the door.

With the long-tail regional solar companies having significant growth opportunities as the larger solar companies falter, we’re providing lead generation solutions to help them take advantage of the individuals and companies eager to use renewable energy for their homes and businesses. Purchased, non-exclusive solar leads can range from $300 to $2,000, but Energy Circle’s unique platform and digital marketing solutions help solar companies limit the necessity of purchasing leads — leads that are often sold to multiple installers at the same time.  Solar clients of Energy Circle have seen exclusive solar leads as low as $115.

How Energy Circle is Different

Green Tech Media recently shared the top goals for 2017 for long-tail solar companies:

 Green Tech Media: Top Goals for Long-Tail Solar Companies in 2017

As the graph indicates, the top goals are centered around sales growth and cost cutting. GTM reported that “the industry is undergoing a shift in lead generation strategies -- with a move away from purchased leads, less reliance on door-to-door sales, and even a decrease in the percentage of customers coming from referrals.”

This is where Energy Circle’s unique approach differs from those companies who sell leads.  With our platform and marketing services, you have the lead generation solutions that bring the leads to you —  whether it be through a phone call or website form submission. This is achieved through industry best-practices in SEO, content and search engine marketing. With the objectives of quality leads and low customer acquisition costs, we help you stimulate sales growth with high-quality leads, so that close rates are immediately stronger than those from purchased leads.

What you get:

As a client of Energy Circle, you get the best of the best. You get a new, top-of-the-line web platform that is built to help increase organic searches, as well as cater to PPC campaigns, all with built in tracking and analytics. Regular updates to the platform mean that your site is getting the added benefit of enhancements as they come along.

Have an idea to make your site better?  You get TWO dedicated account managers - one who focuses on your digital marketing strategy as a whole, and one who is solely dedicated to your PPC campaign performance. These managers are looking at your campaigns regularly to help review and optimize them to bring you high-quality leads on a regular basis. The best part? The website and all assets are yours, with no monthly contract.

Initial Success in Solar

Though Energy Circle is just announcing its foray into solar, they have been managing digital marketing for solar companies for several years. Like HVAC, Energy Circle has seen similar success in their tried and true method of reducing the need to purchase leads for solar by using an enhanced platform and strategic digital marketing. In just a four month period, one solar client increased the number of leads by over 65% and increased their goal conversion rate by over 67%. Likewise, the following graph represents the change in cost per lead for two solar clients over a 6 month period of time that solar PPC campaigns were running.

Cost Per Lead for Two Energy Circle Solar Clients Over 6 Months

To expand on the earlier keyword chart provided, we can see the greater benefit of solar search terms from an aggregation of solar campaigns that Energy Circle has run for clients. This data shows the CPL (cost per lead) for these solar terms is drastically lower than $200.

Lower Cost Per Lead with Solar Search Terms

Energy Circle is excited to announce this new endeavor and looks forward to working with local installers to compete with the larger companies and reduce the dependence on purchasing expensive, non-exclusive leads. If you are a solar contractor and would like Energy Circle to do an evaluation on your online presence and give you recommendations on how to improve your digital marketing, sign up for a free evaluation here.

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