How To Answer the Yelp Compliance Verification Form

Yelp is cracking down on review solicitations. To continue their strong reputation, Yelp needs people to believe that their reviews are organic, and not paid for or faked by the individual companies. So in the past couple of weeks, Yelp has started to issue this warning: “Yelp detects that a reputation management company may be asking for reviews on your behalf.”

Answer the Yelp Compliance Verification Form

Yelp then wants you to fill out a Compliance Verification Form where you basically take an oath to not solicit reviews. Yelp will then take 30-45 days to review your submission and confirm that you are not using any third-party software to gain reviews or asking customers for reviews.

The Right Answers For The Yelp Compliance Verification Form

Question 1: Do you understand that asking for reviews is against Yelp’s policies?

The correct answer is: Yes. This is an easy one, and if you are answering “no” then you are either being defiant or have failed to comprehend Yelp’s guidelines.

Question 2: Do you use a reputation or review management company? (Many of these companies solicit reviews.)

If you do use a review management company, the correct answer is: “Yes, I do use a review management company, but we have removed Yelp from the system entirely.”

If you do not use a review management company, the correct answer is: “No”

Question 3: Have you stopped soliciting reviews, either directly or through a reputation management company? If so, when did you stop and what steps have you taken to ensure that you no longer ask for reviews?

The correct answer is: “Yes, we have stopped soliciting Yelp reviews directly and through our review management company. On Month/Day/Year, we removed Yelp from our review management software and instructed our employees to never ask for Yelp reviews in any way.”

Compliance Verification Form

The Aftermath

All these answers need to be truthful, and if your company violates these, it is time to change the process.

If you have a Yelp business account I suggest you log in ASAP and see if your company has received a warning. Then you need to quickly fill out the Yelp Compliance Verification Form with the answers above. You will know if you have filled it out successfully because a green box will appear thanking you for filling it out. If you fail to comply with Yelp by February 5, 2018, you will see a demotion in the Yelp search results.

How To Yelp Compliance Verification Form

If you have ever dealt with Yelp filtering reviews, you know that they don’t mess around. It is essential to get this process underway quickly. The last thing you need is for your Yelp rankings to drop because you couldn’t answer three simple questions. So stop asking customers for Yelp reviews, fill out the Compliance Verification Form, and get back to work!

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