How to Not Miss Marketing Deadlines

Anna Adamczyk

As a home performance, HVAC or solar expert, you care about your work. You wouldn’t walk away from a project before it was complete and done right. You’re detail-focused and deeply care about what you do — when it comes to marketing, it can be tough to hold the same values and stick to a timeline.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t put out the best digital marketing assets and content possible for your company, but you need to let go of the idea that it’ll ever be “perfect.” As we all know, in the solar, HVAC and home performance industries there is seasonality that we’re always trying to combat and waiting to put impeccable, museum-quality marketing campaigns out there even a few days too late isn’t going to do you any favors.

Here are some things to consider when you find yourself stalling on getting various marketing campaigns launched:

Plan Ahead but Stay Flexible

A preemptive technique to combat campaigns from aging before they’re even launched is to plan. If you start producing the materials you’ll need a month or even a few weeks ahead of when you need something to go out, you’ll have the time to make changes and edits.

However, with how dependent some aspects of the industry might be on relatively unpredictable factors like the weather, you need to keep things flexible if something pops up at the last minute. Although, if you’ve already started producing and have something prepared, it’s much easier to adjust than to have to start from scratch.

Focus on the Strategy

Occasionally it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. You find yourself reading a blog that’s supposed to be published this week and it’s providing great informational tips for homeowners, but wait...where’s the sales pitch? How will people know exactly what it is that we do?!

Remember that your marketing strategy is a comprehensive endeavor — no one piece of it is going to be able to do, or supposed to be able to do, everything. While your SEM campaigns might be targeting people at the bottom of the funnel who are ready to utilize your services, other aspects of your digital and content marketing might be for prospects who are just educating themselves about why they might even need whatever it is that you do.

Don’t let one piece hold up the larger campaign just because you think it’s missing something. Whatever you think is missing is probably being covered through a different channel in your marketing strategy.

Stick to Deadlines

If your goal is to effectively generate leads, especially when trying to combat any kind of seasonality, it’s vital to keep things moving. When you have a backlog of unsent email campaigns, new videos or blog articles, everything is just getting stale sitting there. Staying on top of timely releases of your marketing materials will help maintain consistency in your lead volume over time.

Continue Improving

When you’re printing a postcard, sending an email or posting a blog, everything should be proofread with no mistakes, but overthinking that one sentence isn’t your job. Trust your team to make the right decisions and continue improving. Remember that perfection is the enemy of progress.

The magic of digital marketing is that it’s fast-paced, and new campaigns are constantly presenting an opportunity to make improvements. By keeping the strategy in mind and being proactive in your marketing efforts you can get more data about what’s working and what’s not, so you can adjust as needed to reach your goals.

Get Things Done with Energy Circle

One of the reasons you might be a bit slower to get things out there is because you simply don’t have the time, and for good reason — your business is successfully growing. But it might be time for some help.

Fortunately, the digital marketing team at Energy Circle is here to handle and execute the details. When you work with us, you’ll get a digital marketing strategy uniquely tailored to your goals and your business. We understand your industry and will understand your business inside and out, so you can trust us to launch the best digital marketing campaigns to provide you with the results you’re looking for.

Do you need help getting your lead generation campaigns off the ground quickly? Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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