My Marketing Internship Experience at Energy Circle

Before getting the internship

I began my internship search in late January, right after I returned to Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke, Quebec after winter break. I had just spent my break at home in Maine while covering some extra shifts at a local cafe. I began to look at internships online in New York City, Los Angeles, Montreal and of course, Maine.

I’m a business major and love it. I wanted the chance to apply what I had been learning in school.

Coda, an Energy Circle dog

I stumbled upon Energy Circle’s posting and paused to apply. I remember sitting in my apartment at school while my heart beat fast. I could see right away that at Energy Circle, I would get the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment; something that I truly care about. I’m an active member of my school’s environmental club. Of course the “dog-friendly office” was a huge plus for me too!

Starting the internship: Introduction

Right away I could see that Energy Circle has a unique organizational culture. The company has a strong team mentality that results in efficiency and mutual respect. Regardless of job title, everyone’s opinion gets heard. At my first Marketing Services team meeting, I was surprised when I was asked if I had anything to add. I did, and always did for all the following team meetings. For a meeting about the solar industry, I prepared an extensive document that I presented to the team. I always felt like my opinions were genuinely important to management. I was also asked for my opinion on a few company practices because I had a fresh perspective as a new team member.

How well I was treated

I was pleasantly surprised by how well I was treated by the company and all of its employees. Rather than being asked to get coffee for the employees as interns at other companies are, they frequently asked me to go out to coffee with them.

Sammy working with Shane on a Marketing Project

I thought that I would be working alone and would be expected to work overtime to complete mountains of simple tasks. The opposite turned out to be true. I was fully included and expected to participate in team meetings, and many of the projects and tasks that I was involved in were at a high level. The people that I worked with were a huge part of what made my experience such an amazing one. In school, I learned that culture is formed by the people in it. That is true for Energy Circle. Everyone was happy to guide me and share their expertise with me.

Organizational culture

Energy Circle does a fantastic job of helping employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. Every other Friday during the summer, employees are let out of work early. Often, the team gets together after work to grab drinks and sit out on a patio or play shuffleboard and cornhole.

View of Royal River and the Sparhawk Mill in Yarmouth, ME

During the day, lunch is frequently a group activity and often occurs at local restaurants and cafes. If you happen to bring your lunch, a popular midday break is a walk along the bank of the Royal River; this invitation is extended to the four pawed team members.

What I learned

I learned more than I ever could have anticipated during a summer. As time went on, I found myself acquiring new skills, competencies, and I got involved in a bunch of projects. The team helped me push myself, and they were always happy to introduce me to new tasks. There was never a day that I felt like my learning had paused.

I was given a chance to turn part of my internship into an independent study. During this process, I learned how to use Squarespace. I did independent research on the solar industry, and with the help of the team, I created examples of services the company offers. This project is just one example of the creative freedom that I was granted during my time at Energy Circle. I learned so much about digital marketing by participation, as well as observation.

My role

I worked in the Marketing Services department, but I was able to do some work with the sales department as well; helping with the prospecting process. I worked closely with the Digital Marketing Account Managers to support the services that they provided to their clients, such as posting blogs or assisting with review management. I also supported content on a daily basis by proofreading and writing outlines for blogs, infographics and videographics. In addition, I was able to sit in and participate in many important calls and meetings such as a job interview, several client intakes and monthly reviews.

How it prepared me

My internship has certainly helped prepare me for a career after I graduate for a multitude of reasons. To start with, holding the responsibility of managing the structure of my own day helped improve my time management skills and organization.

I was able to explore my interests within the company and found that there is lots of room to grow as an Energy Circle employee. For example, I did lots of research on the solar industry, because I was interested. I tried my hand at content writing and realized that I really like it! I can’t help but think that the responsibility and freedom that I was given is unique to the company. Because of all the skills and experience that I acquired during my internship, I am walking away with an increased confidence in my abilities.

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