Seal the Deal with a Killer About Us Page

When it comes to the content on your HVAC, Home Performance or Solar website, the About Us page often gets buried underneath all of the other important pages. Of course your potential customers want to know what services you provide, but what if the difference between converting and not converting a lead is why you want to provide that service for them?

About Us Pages: Worth More Than You Think

If you were to look at the analytics across your site, you might be surprised at the amount of visits your About Us page receives, especially since it isn’t technically selling one particular product or service.

But it actually is selling a potential customer on your biggest asset: you and your team.

An About Us page is your time to shine. You’ve put your blood and sweat into building your business, and you are passionate about helping homes in your area perform better, save energy, and lower their impact on the environment. So how can you best show visitors to your site that you are passionate about what you do? Here are a few ways we have found to go about showing your customers you care with a killer About Us page.

Lead With Your Mission Statement

Do you have a mission statement that you tell each new employee or potential customer? Let visitors to your site know what the motivating factor is behind all of your expertise. Leave all the technical terms behind, and get to the goal behind every job.

Namaste Solar wants their customers to know they are dedicated to the responsible use of solar energy, and how it can impact their community.  

Once Upon A Time...

Every business has an origin story. What’s yours? Are you a family run operation? Was your first business plan scribbled out on a bar napkin? You can start by describing the original idea behind what got you into the business.

In our experience working with passionate business owners, we have heard everything from the inspiring to the heartwarming — like a home performance contractor that dealt with respiratory issues as a young boy due to the poor indoor air quality in his home, instilling in him a passion for increasing the breathability of the air in the homes of his neighbors as an adult.

Take a lesson from the wise Mr. Rogers, “there isn't anyone you couldn't learn to love once you've heard their story.”

Show Your Face(s)!

Your business isn’t a faceless corporation. Use your About Us page as an opportunity to actually show who you are. Here’s an example where some imagery helps potential customers put a face to the name:

The brothers-Sobieski are proud to show their family resemblance as they tell the story of their family business.

Introduce the Team

Showing a detailed roster of your employees not only gives the visitors to your site an idea of who may be working in their homes, but also gives your employees something to share with their families. Are you proud of the team you’ve assembled? Show them off! We do.

Hassler is showing not only the faces that may be arriving at a customer’s home but also the truck they will be arriving in on the day of the job.

In the end, when a potential customer is looking to bring you and your team into their home to fix their HVAC system, increase their home performance, or install a solar PV system, they need to know they can trust you. Let it be known that you are in this business to make a difference in the homes of your community and that your goal as a business is to do more than just cash checks.

The right About Us page has the power to strengthen your brand and attract more potential customers. Call 207-847-3644 or contact us to learn more.

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