Why Are People Leaving Your Website & How Can You Stop Them?

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Many HVAC, home performance, or solar contractors take an “if you build it, they will come” approach to their websites, assuming that once their site is up and running, it’s going to start generating lots of leads for their business. However, if your website is not continually optimized to draw potential customers in, visitors are going to hit the back button before you can say “Blower Door Test.”

How High Is Your Bounce Rate?

How well is your website is retaining visitors? The easiest way to find out how many people are actually staying on your website when they get there is to check your website’s bounce rate in Google Analytics. The higher your bounce rate, the more people are hitting “back” after viewing only one page. A bounce rate between 40% - 65% is considered average in our industry.

A high bounce rate means many visitors to your site leave without engaging.

What’s Driving Potential Customers Away

If you want to keep potential customers on your website longer, it’s important to understand what’s driving them away in the first place. These are some of the most common reasons that web users hit the back button shortly after landing on a page.

Your website is poorly designed.

Your website’s design has perhaps the greatest bearing on whether or not visitors will stay on your site and convert into leads. The reason? When it comes to your website, a visitor will invariably judge a book by its cover, so to speak. If your website looks outdated, is difficult to use, or takes forever to load, that visitor is going to bounce right back to where they came from.

Your site’s content doesn’t draw visitors in.

Your website has a matter of seconds to draw visitors in. In addition to your site’s design, your content is what will determine whether or not visitors stick around in those first few seconds. Is the content on your website generic, or does it clearly illustrate how your services can benefit your potential customers? Does it answer the questions your potential customers have? If visitors fail to see your site as a valuable resource to them, chances are they’re going to move on.

There are no calls-to-action.

Strong website design and high-quality content will take your website far, but if there are no clear calls-to-action (CTAs), visitors to your website will remain just that — quiet, anonymous visitors. If you want visitors to give you a call, subscribe to your email list or fill out your contact form, your website should encourage them to do so.

Your website doesn’t meet expectations.

Think about how you’re currently bringing visitors to your website. Do you attract visitors with real information and valuable resources, or do you rely on clickbait and misleading ads to draw people in? If people come to your site expecting one thing only to get something else in return, they’re going to put their trust in someone else.

How to Convert Your Site Visitors into Leads

So we’ve done a little diagnosing of your website, and now you want to optimize it to convert more visitors into potential customers. What’s next? Here are our top recommendations.

Invest in a well-designed website.

We could dedicate an entire blog post to the importance of having a well-designed website for your HVAC, home performance, or solar business. (In fact, we already have!) A well-designed website will not only draw visitors in but also encourage those visitors to convert into leads for your business.

Strong and effective web design is much more than simply giving your website a sleek and modern look — though that is an important part of it. If you want your website to be effective in driving leads, it must also be user-friendly. Navigation throughout your website should be clear, all text should be easy to read, and all features should be easy to use — especially on mobile. The design of your website should also help to generate leads with prominently placed contact forms, prompts to subscribe for emails, etc. Upgrading to a platform that is designed specifically for your industry will give you a website design that draws in visitors while converting them into high-quality leads.

Keep up with your website.

On a related note, it’s important to remember that even the best website will need continued care and maintenance if it’s going to keep generating leads for your business. Are you installing the latest updates to keep your site current? The web changes fast, and installing regular updates will keep your site relevant to users. Are you adding content to your site regularly? Adding new content on a regular basis will keep your website from feeling static. Partnering with someone who can help you manage your website will ensure that your site remains your number-one tool for generating leads online.

Remember that content is key.

Content should always be one of your top priorities in your marketing budget. Why? High-quality content doesn’t just attract people to your website; it presents you as an expert in your industry and helps you build trust. With your content, you can offer valuable resources and answer the questions your potential customers want answered. Visitors will be more likely to become leads because they will see you as someone they can trust. You can also build your email list by encouraging visitors to subscribe in order to access certain pieces of your content.

Tell visitors what they should do next.

Once you manage to engage your visitors with strong site design and high-quality content, those visitors need a clear path to engagement. A call-to-action tells your visitors what they can do next after coming to your site. At the end of a blog post about the importance of attic insulation, for example, you might encourage readers to schedule an attic insulation consultation. On a landing page advertising your latest promotion, you might encourage readers to take advantage of the special offer before time runs out. Prominently placed contact forms also serve as calls-to-action when integrated well with your site’s design.

Prominently placed calls-to-action, or CTAs, encourage visitors to engage with your website.

Is Your Website Harming or Helping Your Business?

Your website can either be your biggest roadblock or your greatest asset in your digital marketing efforts. Which one will it be for you? If your website currently isn’t generating the leads you want it to for your home performance, HVAC, or solar business, it might be time to reassess. Even just a few simple changes will go a long way in making your website your strongest sales pitch!

A high-quality website for your HVAC, home performance, or solar business will convert more of your visitors into leads. Contact us to learn more.

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